Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing

Our lenders provide fixed rate mortgage refinancing with FHA, conforming and jumbo loans for rate refinance and debt consolidation. BD Nationwide offers premium discounted rates for mortgage refinance and home equity loans for borrowers seeking to eliminate high rate debt and adjustable rate mortgages. Fixed rate refinancing is the most popular type of a refinance mortgage for consumers who originally took out a loan with a variable interest rate.

Get Approved for Fixed Refinance Rates Starting at 3.25%

We continue to provide many competitive fixed rate mortgage loans up to 100% combined loan to value. One of the most popular home refinance loans today is the cash out FHA mortgage for refinancing to 85%. This popular government loan is for homeowners who do not have much or any equity in their home. Our conforming refinance loans typically require 90% loan to value with good credit and 80% loan to value for fair credit scores.


Fixed Rate Refinancing Loans


Up to 100% combined loan to value.


First Time Home-buyers OK


Credit Rating: Fair Good or Excellent.


Key qualifiers: property value, credit score


Income Documentation: Full Documentation only for cash out FHA loan options: Borrowers will need to supply W2's, paystubs, etc.

Shop and Compare Fixed Refinance Rates for All 50 States

A fixed rate mortgage usually requires a higher payment than the teaser rate ARM loans, but after a few years you will have principal paid down on the mortgage and increased home equity as well. Interest rates are on the way up, so don't wait too long to apply for a low rate mortgage refinance, because of income verification concerns. Our experienced team of loan professionals can help you find the best mortgage that you can afford today and you won't have to worry about your payment rising. Our fixed rate loans are guaranteed with set monthly payments for the term of the mortgage.

Disclosure on Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing Example
*The 3.25% is fixed 30-year rate that was quoted above for a $275,000 loan is $1,196.82 a month. There is $895 in closing cost on this sample. The Annual Percentage Rate is 3.34%. Property taxes and insurance have not been factored into this sample payment.


Preferred Loan Type
Property Type
Property Value
Credit Rating

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