Find Adjustable Mortgage Rates for Refinancing

Adjustable rate mortgage loans should be refinanced with a fixed rate loan before the ARM rate recasts and the mortgage payment increases. Borrowers across the country are rushing to the banks and lenders to refinance their adjustable rate mortgage loans that are scheduled to adjust to a higher payment in 2024 and 2025.

ARM Refinancing with Low Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans

Our lenders offer fixed rate refinancing, equity loans and variable lines of credit for borrowers seeking to lower their payments and consolidate revolving debt. When the market is good for hybrid ARM’s is often the time when the 30 year mortgage is below 6% and the prime rate drops below 5%. In the past these market conditions have cause mortgage lenders to offer very appealing adjustable rate mortgages. With today’s fixed rates being available under 4%, fixed rate refinancing has never been more popular.

If you currently have an adjustable rate mortgage that has an increasing monthly payment, do not wait to refinance. Now is time to secure a fixed rate loan and refinance while the interest rates are still near record lows. Call Nationwide now and get the rate locked with fixed mortgage refinancing that saves you money! We offer multiple solutions for refinancing with bad credit.

Refinance and Save with a Fixed Rate First or Second Mortgage:

  • Pay off Revolving Credit Cards
  • Refinance Variable Rate Loans
  • Convert Credit Lines to Fixed Interest
  • Get a Fixed Payment

Fixed Home Equity Loans – Lock into a fixed rate equity loan that features simple interest, fixed terms, and cash out opportunities.

Our focus at Nationwide remains centered on providing consumers extensive options for lower payment mortgages with reduced interest rates. Now more than ever, we recommend converting offer the biggest variety for home equity loan products online.