What Is an Adjustable Rate Refinance Mortgage Loans

Choose from FHA and Conventional loans for low fixed rate mortgage refinancing. We suggest considering refinancing your adjustable rate mortgage and convert the variable rate loan into a fixed rate home equity loan that offers a fixed monthly payment and hedge against inflation.

Low Fixed Rate Home Refinancing

Fixed rate home loan refinancing with experienced mortgage lenders enables you to get rate discounts and better service. We offer fixed rate loan conversions to help refinance your 1st and 2nd mortgage ARM’s into a more affordable fixed rate mortgage.

Refinancing Adjustable Rate Loans

Check out the low rate programs that offer fixed rate refinancing for reduced monthly payments and simple interest amortization.
Get accurate 2nd mortgage and home equity loan information from loan officers who have experience with all types of loans. Rest easy knowing there are no fees to apply online.

Tips for ARM Refinancing

1. Find out if you have a pre-payment penalty with your existing mortgages. If you have one, when does the pre-pay expire? If you want to refinance with a pre-payment penalty now. How much will it cost you?
2. When does your current loan become adjustable? If has not adjusted yet, how much will your monthly payments increase when it hits the adjustment period?
3. What is your Credit Score?
4. How much is your home worth?

Are your Mortgage Payments Rising?

According to Maria Ny, “the popularity of adjustable-rate mortgages indicates that nearly 25 percent of all outstanding U.S. mortgage debt is due for an interest-rate reset within the next two years.” Some $400 billion in loans will get a new rate this year, and another two trillion are set to move in 2007. With mortgage rates on the rise, it is good idea to start weighing your options. Interest rates have gone up considerably during the past few months and now could be the time to lock in on a fixed-rate mortgage.
Additional Mortgage Refinancing Info
Low Credit Scores? Consider Refinancing your bad credit loans into a non-conforming loan that offers a fixed interest rate with no balloon payment.
100% 2nd Mortgage Loans Behind Negative Amortization 1st Loans
No Income No Asset loans available -Stated Income 2nd Mortgages with Good Credit
Refinance and Convert Adjustable Rate to Fixed Interest
Special —No Appraisal Offer for Qualified 2nd Mortgage Loans
Refinance into a fixed rate loan.
Do not get trapped with a high rate adjustable loan.