Press Release

BD Nationwide is Awarded Preferred Broker Status with Irwin Home Equity

Encinitas , CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2006 — BD Nationwide Mortgage Loan Company, announced today that Irwin Home Equity(IHE) upgraded their mortgage broker status to “Preferred Broker.” At this time, Nationwide is one of only three other second mortgage brokers in the country awarded this status. This reward program offers quality brokers lending benefits by adding a competitive edge for their 125% home equity products. IHE account executive, Dan Ambrose noted that “eligibility is reviewed each quarter, and that they expect additional enhancements to be available in the near future.” Ambrose continued “this is an excellent opportunity for Nationwide to really expand its home equity market-share.”

Noteworthy Guidelines Expanded with Premier Broker Status.

  • Expanded loan limits for all 125% second mortgages
  • Expanded cash-out limits for all 125% loan products
  • Bank Statement 125% loans for Self-Employed Borrowers

An example of Preferred Broker program: A homeowner with a 640 fico credit score now has the ability to qualify for a $100,000 second mortgage 125%. Previously, a borrower with a 640 credit score was limited to a $35,000 loan at Nationwide. Linda Nelms, an experienced loan officer at Nationwide explained, “This is a victory for our client base who significantly benefit from larger loan amounts for consolidating debts.” Read the Entire Second Mortgage Broker Press Release at