Find Local Oregon Lenders Offering Second Mortgage and Cash Out HELOCs

Oregon residents can choose from premium second mortgage loan offers or cash out home loans for no equity refinancing and debt consolidation. BD Nationwide provides Oregon homeowners with 2nd mortgage and refinance loans, allowing for a combined loan-to-value of up to 100%. Choose from fixed 2nd mortgage rates, home equity lines of credit, and debt consolidation refinancing options designed for both good and bad-credit home equity situations.
•100% Home Equity Loans
•Loan Consolidation
•80-20 Home Mortgages
•Home Financing to 100%
•Tax Deductible Home Equity
•No PMI & No Mortgage Insurance
Consumers nationwide consistently turn to BD Nationwide for online equity loans, relying on this trusted mortgage broker. Whether you’re consolidating credit card debt or funding home improvements, their team of experienced loan officers is ready to assist you in achieving your financing goals promptly. Take advantage of the best rates on Oregon 2nd Mortgage loans available now!
Local Underwriting Tips from the Mortgage Pros:
“LTV = Loan to Value – in layman terms it means your 1st mortgage divided by the value of your home.” – A. Taylor, Oregon Mortgage Lender at Fast Mortgages inc.

Home Loan Volumes Increases Across Oregon and Pacific Northwest:

•Fixed Rate Refinancing
•1st and 2nd Mortgage Combination
•Prime Rate Home Equity Lines
•Interest Only Loans
•Sub Prime 2nd Mortgages
•Non-Conforming Equity Loans
•Credit Repair Loans
•First-time Homeowners in Oregon OK
•Competitive 2nd mortgage rates

Oregon State Mortgage Loan Update

Home values have recently peaked across the state of Oregon. We recommend tapping the equity in your home in case you lose some equity, as the home values drop. Home Mortgage Overview – OR

With home sales dipping slightly across the Pacific North West, the homeowners in Portland, Oregon should be excited that home values have continued to increase in 2024.

Oregon homeowners can keep their low rate 1st mortgage and get cash out with a new 2nd mortgage loan.

Before home values catch up with the rest of the nation, it may benefit you to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage or take out a fixed second mortgage at a competitive home equity rates. Choose from variable credit lines to fixed rate installment loans.

Are your credit line payments getting bigger each month? State Home Equity Rates Lock the rate and convert your variable interest HELOC and get a fixed payment and term. Check the Prime Rates for Portland Borrowers. Take a moment and complete our secure form online and take advantage of the expertise our loan officers have.
Nationwide offers low rate refinance and home equity loans to maximize your home financing without requiring any equity.

If you are considering financing a 2nd home for vacation or investment purposes, please ask your loan officer about the latest Oregon home purchase loans available.