Oklahoma Mortgage Refinance

Homeowners across the great plains are racing to refinancing any existing adjustable rate mortgages. Many Oklahoma residents bought their home with “zero down” financing that included 80-20 loans. We will help you shop and compare the best Oklahoma mortgage lenders and brokers for cash out refinancing, HELOCs and much more.

Oklahoma Mortgage Refinance Solutions for People with All Types of Credit

These loans usually include a variable interest line of credit for the 2nd mortgage and borrowers are reporting increased payments.

1st and 2nd Refinancing from Oklahoma City to Tulsa

Nationwide specializes in sub-prime refinancing with high loan-to-value (LTV) second mortgages tailored for Oklahoma homeowners seeking reduced payments. We advise homeowners to consider consolidating revolving credit card debt and loans with adjustable interest rates.

BD Nationwide Mortgage is delighted to connect you with brokers offering the “No Point” promotion for fixed-rate 1st or 2nd mortgage refinance transactions, applicable to all loan amounts exceeding $250,000 for Oklahoma homeowners in 2024. For detailed information about this loan special, consult your local loan officer.

Even fair credit borrowers can qualify for 2nd mortgage refinancing up to 100%. With adjustable rates on the rise, the appeal of fixed rates and stable monthly payments has never been higher. Now you have the opportunity to decrease your monthly payments, secure lower second mortgage interest rates, and potentially benefit from tax savings.

  • 30-40 Year Fixed Rate Refinancing
  • Cash Out for Home Improvements
  • Convert ARM to a Fixed Term
  • First-time Homeowners OK
  • Competitive 2nd mortgage rates
  • No Mortgage Insurance Required
  • Refinance Mortgages for All Types of Credit

Local Underwriting Tips from the Oklahoma Mortgage Pros:
“If you plan on moving or refinancing in the next few years, we recommend suggest securing a loan with no early payment penalties.” – D. Flanigan, Oklahoma Mortgage Lender at Midwest Mortgage

Fico scores, Total Loan to Value and Disposable Income ratios are the 3 most important factors for determining the rate. Our loan team will help research your loan option & uncover the best possible rate for the loan that meets your needs.

Get a new home equity loan or refinance your existing 2nd mortgage while the interest rates are still at record lows.

Get a Real Rate Quote! Our professional loan officers will help find out which loans qualify for and what the actual rates are. Most banks answer the phone telling you the best possible rates for loans most people don’t really qualify for. Do you care what the rates are for loan programs they don’t qualify for? Take a moment and complete our secure form online, and a professional loan officer will contact you promptly with a Free Loan Quote . Remember there is No Obligation at all.

Oklahoma State Mortgage Loan Updates

Oklahoma Home Mortgages – Home values have recently peaked across the state of Oklahoma. With property values declining across the Mid-West, it may be your last chance to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage or take out a fixed second mortgage at a competitive home equity rates.

Are your Home Equity Credit Line Interest Rates Rising?
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