Shop and Compare Ohio Home Equity Loans

Ohio homeowners compare home equity loans offers with reduced rate incentives for fixed interest options. BD Nationwide provides Ohio home loans for local residents with many opportunities to save money and reduce interest rates with bill consolidation solutions that are available to qualified participants from Cleveland to Toledo.

We will introduce you to loan officers licensed in Ohio who are now offering fixed rate second mortgages with reduced closing costs. Some of these bad credit home equity programs offer flexible credit guidelines that help most applicants get approved quickly. Our lending team will help you consolidate all of your bills into one streamlined bad-credit home equity loan payment. Ohio homeowners are catching on to the principal reduction that is possible with accelerated payments with our home equity loans and fixed rate first mortgages.

More Popular Home Equity Loans to Consider When Shopping Online

Please view these popular home equity loan products listed below for homeowners residing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia. If you need additional information, Please select the second mortgage link that interests you most.

125% Second Mortgage Loans – There no equity required, but good credit scores are needed to qualify. Finance home improvements or consolidate revolving credit. Most lenders have put this program on hold.

Refinance Second Mortgage
It is time to refinance your adjustable rate line of credit and convert it into a fixed interest loan.

Bad Credit Second Mortgage
These non QM home equity loans have risen in popularity with the rise in bankruptcies and foreclosures.


*Approval of the loan is contingent upon the submission of an application to BD Nationwide. Essential approval criteria include the verification of income, employment, assets, and other pertinent information, including securing an acceptable property