No Income Mortgage Loan Programs

There are millions of Americans who need a no income mortgage because of documentation obstacles that have prevented them from home buying or refinancing. Years ago, stated income home loans were readily available for self-employed and salaried employees. After the mortgage market crashed last decade, most of the no income mortgage programs disappeared.

Talk to Lenders About No Income Mortgage Opportunities

We offer streamline refinance loans that help homeowner refinance their VA and FHA home loans, but you have to already have a government mortgage to qualify for that program. The fact is that American consumers prefer to get a mortgage with no income documentation as long as it doesn’t come at a higher price. In other words, people like no income mortgages as long as they are charged more in fees with a higher interest rate.

Get More Info on the Stated Income Mortgage for Faster Loan Processing

We work with a few private investors that continue to offer a stated income mortgage and a limited documentation product to qualified borrowers. Many banking executives are predicting that lenders will begin easing the requirements for no income home loans in the near future. Talk to the friendly ending agents today about the prospect of getting approved for a low rate mortgage with great terms.

Our mortgage specialists understand the difficulty of finding a no income mortgage. We appreciate the need for self-employed borrowers to get access to limited documentation and stated income home loans and that’s why we are continuously adding new financing products to better your needs. Ask about our home purchase loans with limited documentation required for first time home buyers.

Other Popular Loans with Little or No Income Verification: 

Do You Qualify for Limited or Stated Income Mortgages?

Stated and no income mortgage program guidelines are subject to change without notice. Verify with your loan officer about the current status for loan product you are interested in.