No Fee Refinance

Affordable Mortgage Refinancing with $0 Fees or Closing Costs

We provide a unique program for borrowers to refinance with no fees from mortgage lenders and 3rd party companies involved in the loan transaction. BD Nationwide connects homeowners with lenders and brokers offering several options to refinance with` no lender fees. If you can get a competitive fixed rate on a thirty-year loan with a no cost refinance mortgage, you should because this is one of the only times in the last sixty years in which this was possible.

We offer an online platform to review lenders offering $0 cost refinance loans discounted mortgages to qualified applicants in all 50 states. If you have good credit and meet the program requirements there is no reason why you shouldn't qualify for a great no fee refinance. Having the opportunity to refinance with no lender fees or costs certainly can empower the borrower. We suggest that when you shop for loans online to compare the rates, terms and costs of a mortgage before making a commitment. Compare quotes by reviewing disclosures that include the "Good Faith Estimate" and the Federal Truth in Lending Statement as well.

Refinance with No Closing Costs or Fees with Attractive Fixed Interest Rates on Home Loans with No Obligation

Have you compared lenders that offer home refinancing with no fees? Many of our clients have saved thousands of dollars after being matched with our lenders advertising no closing costs and no mortgage fee options.


The Dodd-Frank law still permits lenders to pay the closing costs for their borrowers from the compensation they get from the banks that ultimately buys the loan. We continue to help savvy homeowners reap the benefits of the banking standards with a program that encourages people to refinance with no closing costs. Right now, the rates are typically an eighth of a percentage point higher on the no fee refinance programs. Typically, this type of loan is recommended for borrowers that refinance frequently. If you refinanced more than one time in the last few years, then refinancing without fees our closing costs makes sense financially.

Refinance Offers

Refinance with No Fees
Best Time to Refinance
As a rule of thumb, if you can lower your mortgage payment without incurring and costs, it makes sense to refinance. Compare quotes online and refinance with no closing costs today.

Refinancing Calculator
Analyze the benefits of refinancing without fees. Get help comparing the new payment options and enjoy saving money with fixed rate solutions.

Rate Disclosure on Refinance Mortgage with $0 Fees
*The example quoted is a 4.25% rate on a fixed 30-year on a $300,000 loan amount is $1,475.82 a month. (1-26-18) There is $0 in closing costs and $0 refinance fees on this sample. The Annual Percentage Rate is also 4.25%.

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