Mortgages for People with Bad Credit

If you want to finance a home but have low fico scores, you are likely looking for a mortgage for people with bad credit. Do you have unresolved credit disputes that are hurting your credit scores with Trans Union, Equifax or Experian? At some point you will need to get started on credit repair, but there may be some possibility that you could still qualify for one of the mortgages for people with bad credit.

Get a 2nd Chance Because our Lenders Offer a Bad Credit Mortgages

In most cases, people with credit restrictions have their loan application rejected by mortgage companies, but BD Nationwide continues to provide several solutions that include bad credit mortgages with competitive interest rates. Talk with our lenders to see if a mortgage for bad credit is in the best interest of your financial goals.

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Interest rates have fallen to an exceptionally low level again, so getting approved for a mortgage should be a priority even if you have bad credit. Government loan programs continue to ensure affordability as VA and FHA rates have never been lower. In the past borrowers that did not qualify for prime lending were penalized with higher rates from subprime lenders. Now borrowers with credit problems have several new low rate loan programs to choose from. We recommend that you get more information about bad credit mortgages from available government relief initiatives.

Did you know that we can connect you with bad credit lenders that extend hard money, FHA and subprime loans across the country? We offer multiple solutions for home buying and refinancing, regardless of how low the fico scores may be. Don't miss out on the available credit and low interest mortgages for people with bad credit scores.

Hard Money Mortgage Lenders Extend Opportunities for People with Bad Credit

If you have sufficient equity, you may be able to refinance your home using a "hard money" lender. These companies provide short-term "bridge loans" based on the value of your home instead of your ability to repay. No matter how many months you have owned your house, you may have built up some equity. Showing that you have consistently paid your mortgage and have done your best to build equity will make you an attractive prospect to hard money lenders.

FHA Still Approves Mortgages for People with Poor Credit When It Makes Sense

The Department of Housing and Urban Development and Congress over see the Federal Housing Administration. HUD and FHA have always been big proponents of fair housing, and helping people minimize their housing expenses while becoming a homeowner. The FHA strongly believes there is more to a borrower than a fico score and that's why they continue to take risks with home mortgages for people with bad credit.

Mortgages for people with bad credit are subject to an approval from an underwriter. Rates on subprime, private money and FHA mortgages are subject to change without notice.


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