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No Point Refinance

Many qualified borrowers like loan discounts with no point loans and no cost mortgage refinance programs. Take advantage of no closing cost refinance options. Nationwide offers low cost refinancing to all types of borrowers, but loan applicants with high fico scores should consider our no cost refinance loans. Our lenders provide reduced cost opportunities for homeowners with no point no fees refinance options. Our lenders provide the ability for homeowners to refinance without coming out of pocket.

This refinance program has been very popular because homeowners like refinancing with no “out of pockets” costs. This means that borrowers are able to rolling the lending fees into the loan and they do not have to bring money to the closing table like they would with a purchase mortgage. It makes sense for a lot of borrowers to pay a slightly higher rate to reduce or eliminate the closing costs involved with mortgage refinancing. Many borrowers plan to move or refinance in the near future, so it's better to have higher interest rates and pay no points. Some borrowers like the points, because it reduces the interest rate and payment while providing another tax incentive as well. No cost refinancing usually requires good credit scores and some equity, so check with your loan officer for program eligibility.

No Cost Refinance Loans for Conventional and Government Loans

FHA Mortgage: Streamline Refinance your existing FHA loan with no points and reduced fees. The interest rates ensure fixed monthly payments for fifteen or thirty years. With the streamline loan, no cash out is allowed with this FHA refinance program but you only need 3% equity for rate and term loans.
---     Mortgage Refinancing to $729,750  

Home Refinancing with Conforming Loans : The guidelines for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have tightened significantly, but borrowers can still find reasonable mortgage rates with 20% equity in their property. Lender paid mortgage insurance products may be available as well if you do not mind a higher interest rate.
---     Conforming Home Refinancing from $417,000 to $729,750

Mortgage Refinance Benefits - Reducing Monthly Payment Increases Savings

Low Closing Cost Refinance

Cost Effective Home Refinancing

Save Money with No Closing Cost Loans

Cash out for Home Construction

Lock into a 30-Year Fixed Rate Loan

97% FHA Mortgage Loans

Refinancing for All types of Credit

No Money Out of Pocket

Reduced Fees w/ No Pre-Pay Penalty

FHA Home Refinancing - Borrowers with bad credit can now refinance their adjustable rate mortgages and get cash out up to 95% of their home's value. The FHA mortgage rates are very competitive compared with prime conventional rates, but good credit scores are not required for FHA refinancing.

Fixed Rate Refinance Loans - Convert your rising variable rate loans to a fixed rate mortgage and minimize the interest paid over the next thirty years.



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"After rate shopping aimlessly for a loan online, We stumbled into Nationwide and immediately a professional loan officer led us to a fixed rate loan that lowered our payment and saved us $500 a month!" The Murals

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