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BD Nationwide Mortgage has matching consumers with refinance loan solutions with competitive rates and great service from our preferred lending partners. It is important to find a lender that provides many opportunities for homeowners to secure lower monthly payments and security with amortization with a fixed interest rate. If you can save a hundred dollars a month you should get approved for an attractive refinance mortgage loan now. The housing sector has been battered for the fourth consecutive year, but many homeowners are able to see the silver lining with a low interest mortgage refinance loan. Take advantage of several government programs that continue to offer underwriting exceptions for borrowers that are struggling to retain the equity in their home. Get a no hassle quote from respected lenders now and explore the wide variety of affordable mortgage refinance loan programs online.

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Do you have low credit scores because of late payments or medical collections that are tainting your credit report and preventing you from getting approved for a low rate mortgage loan refinance? You are not alone, as millions of American homeowners are struggling with the woes of recession. The Federal Housing Administration just approved an easement on lending restrictions for people that experienced financial hardships like bankruptcy or foreclosure. Borrowers were now eligible for FHA refinance mortgage loans after bankruptcy, loan default or a short sale if they were able to make their payments on time for 1-year. Previously the FHA required 36 months of timely payments before considering government insured home mortgage refinance loans.

Many borrowers have elected to refinance for cash to get a lower rate and to pay off bills that have higher interest. Many of these customers have watched their poor credit scores transform into better credit with scores rising above 700 because paying down and eliminating revolving credit cards typically helps improve the credit ratings. Some borrowers who are content with their current mortgage are taking out equity loans to eliminate revolving accounts with higher rates.

Which Are the Best Loans for Mortgage Refinancing This Year? It's no secret that interest rates have been creeping up. For people that already have rates below 4%, the only way the borrower could reduce their monthly payment is to switch to a hybrid loan that has a lower variable rate. The variable loans offer fixed rates for 3, 5, 7 or 10-year periods. We strongly recommend that you weigh both sides before switching out of a fixed rate into an adjustable rate.

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Fortunately for you, there are several new mortgage loan refinance options for borrowers with bad credit scores and the mortgage interest rates are great unlike the rates that came with the subprime loans just a few years ago. As interest rates have dipped to their lowest point since Freddie Mac started recording interest rates over 40 years ago, homeowners have been rushing to lenders once again to lower their 1st and 2nd mortgage liens. If guidelines loosen a bit in 2013 and 2014, we expect to see the biggest fixed rate mortgage refinance boom ever recorded.

3 Things to Know to Refinance Successfully in Today's Market

  1. Loan to Value Limitations have been removed for All Government Refinancing Programs Associated with the HARP 2.0. This means that you can refinance underwater loans regardless of LTV. (ie. Get approved with loan balance at $400,000 and home worth $250,000. Previously this program capped refinancing at 125% LTV)
  2. The Streamline Mortgage Refinance Loan Does Not Require Income Documentation. In most cases the underwriter for the VA and FHA streamline will not request income documentation. They will do a verification of employment just to make sure that the borrower still has their job, but paystubs and W2’s are not needed.
  3. Rates for Mortgage Refinancing Have Never Been Lower! The bottom line is that it would be prudent for you to lock your mortgage into a fixed interest rate at 4% for thirty years if you have the ability. Many experts believe that we could go another century before rates fall this low again.

Choosing The Right Home Mortgage Refinance Loan Program

If you have taken a look at the market and your credit score and are sure that now is the right time to refinance your home, you will still need to decide between a fixed rate loan and an adjustable rate loan. There are pros and cons to each of these and choosing the right one will be largely dependent on how long you intend to have your home and how long the term of your loan is. If you intend to only state your current residence for a few more years, a short term ARM like a 3/1, 5/1 or 7/1 may provide a reduced payment for a few years without the stress of a variable interest rate. The recent trend for retiring and pragmatic borrowers is the fixed 10 or 15 year refinance mortgage because the rates are so low and these programs offer s clear path to homeownership with no monthly payments. If, on the other hand, you see yourself staying in your home well into the foreseeable future, a fixed rate 30 year loan may be the better option.

Lastly, you may find that a refinance mortgage loan doesn't necessarily provide you with the type of benefits you were hoping for it all. If you are simply looking to eliminate your housing expenses as soon as possible, you may want to consider making extra payments because it can cut years of the loan re-payment schedule.

Nationwide is committed to delivering the best experience online for all types of mortgage loan refinance programs. Time and time again, we see our clients come back to us to assist in their refinancing transactions. Our company founders have set the bar high for competitive pricing and service throughout the refinance loan process. Whether you are looking for a lower payment, better interest rate or more flexibility with the terms, we have the most attractive mortgage refinance loans online. Current pricing and refinancing eligibility standards can change so talk to one of our representatives today so you can leverage homeownership and maximize tax deductibility.

Save Money with Low Rate Mortgage Refinance Loans

Mortgage Refinance Loan

If you are able to demonstrate the ability to make the payment and be able to document your income, there is a good chance you will be approved for this home mortgage refinance program.

Mortgage refinance loan programs are subject to change at any time. Some of these refinancing alternatives are volatile so verify with your loan officer which programs are available with your qualifications. Rates on mortgage loan refinancing can vary and are subject to change without notice. Today's underwriters evaluate many more factors than in recent years when considering an application so don't assume that you do not qualify for a refinance because you may indeed meet the eligibility requirements to improve your mortgage terms that could ultimately reduce your housing expenses.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance Loans at 3.25%: At a 3.25% rate on a $200,000 mortgage a borrower would have a monthly payment of $870.42 with .5 points due at closing. The APR is also 3.475% with $1,995 due in total closing costs due at closing (9-28-12). To qualify the borrower would need to have a fico score above 700 and 28% housing ratio and debt ratio below 36%. Check with a licensed mortgage refinance lender for today's current rates applicable to your qualifications.


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