Refinancing Debt

Can You Refinance Debt into a Mortgage?

Refinancing your debt is usually the quickest way to increase your cash flow and save money. Nationwide offers a path to shop lenders for discounted second mortgages and home equity loans for refinancing variable rate loans and consolidating adjustable rate debts. We provide fixed interest rate solutions for homeowners with good and bad credit.

Residential mortgage loans have evolved with hybrid loan products that now allow borrowers the ability to eliminate credit card debt. Refinancing debt into your mortgage can save you thousands of dollars every year. Nationwide lenders offer more flexibility with significant lending exceptions with increased loan to value limits. Borrowing money for consolidating debt between 100-125% combined loan-to-value is now possible.

  • Lower monthly payments with fixed interest rates
  • Lower payment over a reduced repayment period
  • Consolidate 2nd mortgage into a lower rate loan
  • Refinance Variable Rate Debts up to 100%

Take a look at our fixed rate second mortgage that enables you to eliminate your compounding interest obligations and pay off your debts into a loan with fixed rate amortization. In most cases combining your consumer debt with a fixed rate 2nd mortgage will reduce your monthly payments and yield a significant savings in return. Refinancing your credit card debt with a simple interest loan helps you know exactly what your loan payment will be every month.

Lear how to refinance and eliminate your compounding high rate credit card debt and start saving immediately!

Fixed 1st and 2nd mortgage rates
Fixed monthly loan payments
Fixed simple interest terms

Are there Fixed-Rate Lock Option with Debt Consolidation?

The Fixed-Rate Lock feature enables a customer to access a portion of his or her available line of credit at a fixed-rate and fixed monthly payment. Each Fixed-Rate Lock advance creates its own loan balance with fixed-rate and monthly payment.