30 Year Loans for Mortgage Refinancing

Most homeowners shopping for refinance terms want security so they compare thirty-year mortgage quotes. We suggest to shop for refinancing online are seeking quotes for thirty year loan terms. The fixed 30-year mortgage loans have been by far the most popular amortization schedule over the last 25 years. As a nationwide lender, we are in a position to offer lower 30-year mortgage rates than most lenders because of the volume discounts that we receive.

Fixed Rates Starting at 3.25% on 30 Year Refinance Loans

Select the best 30-year mortgage refinance for your financial needs and loan eligibility: FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo, Subprime and Hard Money. If you already have a VA or FHA loan and you have you're your loan payments on time over the last 12 months, you likely qualify for a streamline refinance starting at 3.25%! Refinance guidelines have changed, so you need to speak with a loan officer about your qualifications.

With record breaking rates, you may qualify for a fixed thirty-year mortgage that enables you to consolidate your credit card debt and any adjustable rate credit line. Refinancing your variable interest rates is one of the quickest methods for saving big money. Whether you need cash out or just a lower interest rate, locking into a 30-year fixed rate loan is a wise decision! 30-year mortgage refinance rates are subject to change to discuss an interest rate lock with your loan officer when submitting your loan documentation into underwriting. Look no further than Nationwide for the lowest 30-year rates for refinancing online.

Competitive 30 Year Fixed Rate Refinancing for All Borrower Types
30 year mortgage refinancing
  • Conforming 30-Year Loans
  • 30-Year Jumbo Refinance
  • 30 Year Fixed Home Refinancing
  • VA Refinance with a 30 Year Loan
  • Streamline Refinance with FHA


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Top 5 Refinancing Programs

1. 30-Year Mortgage Refinance

2. Conforming Home Loan

3. FHA Refinance for 30-Years

4. HARP on Fixed 30-Year

5. 30-Year Streamline Refinance

Is Mortgage Refinancing the Best Way to Consolidate Debt?
Ask your tax advisor if it makes sense to refinance revolving debt in a fixed simple interest loan that is tax deductible.

Mortgage Refinance Tips to Maximize Low Rates – Our staff has the experience you need to make the right financial choice.  

No Cost Mortgage Refinancing
Invest the money you save with our loans and you will feel good knowing that you are getting a 30-Year mortgage refinance without raising the principal balance. Refinancing with no closing costs will keep your mortgage balance from rising.

Rate Disclosure: 3.25% rate was based on a $225,000 loan amount that was fixed for a 30-year term. The monthly payment was $979.21 and the APR was 3.39% with $1,495 in lending costs due at closing. Taxes and insurance were not included in this sample payment either.

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