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Day in and day out, BD Nationwide provides a simple path to find great pricing and competitive mortgage refinance rates. According to Freddie Mac, today's mortgage rates just hit an all-time low. A majority of people still prefer the 30-year mortgage refinance because the payments are low and the rates are fixed. However the 15-year mortgage rates for refinancing have now fallen below 3% according the weekly Mortgage Bankers Association survey. With this kind of never before seen affordability, it's not surprising that we have seen a higher volume because so many homeowners can finally afford the 15-year option. The popularity of mortgage rate refinancing is no secret as application volumes continue to soar this year. Find why borrowers keep coming back to us as we provide great service and guarantee the best mortgage refinance rates online. Today's rates are amazingly low and homeowners truly appreciate the flexible refinance guidelines have led to us having one of our most successful years ever. The Fed has played a role in keeping the current home mortgage refinance rates at affordable pricing in an effort to stimulate the housing recovery nationally. With federal pressure, refinance rates have become more affordable than ever. Most economists agree that the lowest mortgage rate refinancing will not last much longer, so there is a great sense of urgency for homeowners get approved now. Select from 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40-year mortgage refinance rates.

Fixed Mortgage Rates for Refinancing Have Never Been Lower!


Should You Lock Your Loan Now While Fixed Refinance Rates Are Available like We Have Not Seen in this Generation? Compare rates and mortgage refinance terms for FHA, jumbo and conventional loan offers for fixed and interest only rate home mortgage loans. Borrowers can refinance with cash out or simply with rate and term refinancing. Rates on conventional and FHA mortgages have fallen to record lows not seen since Dwight Eisenhower was president. Get a quick quote for today's mortgage refinance rates.

Ask About No Cost Refinance Loans with Low Rate Guarantee!
30-Year Refinance Rates
We suggest consumers be smart and compare mortgage refinance rates online. If you have stellar credit you may be eligible for our no cost mortgage refinance opportunities that are reserved for borrowers with prime credentials. Our home refinancing lenders believe that homeowners have the right to secure the lowest possible interest rate when refinancing their home. We believe in quoting accurate home mortgage rates and the importance of rate locks. FHA home loans continue to offer homeowners the best interest for mortgage rate refinancing with flexible credit guidelines and very little equity required. 30 year refinance rates have been very competitive with FHA and conventional loan programs.

Save Money with the Best Mortgage Refinance Rates - VA mortgages allow veterans to lock in low mortgage rates at a 100% loan to value. VA mortgage rates are low and veterans who already have a VA loan may qualify for VA refinancing with the VA streamline program. Mortgage refinance rates fluctuate daily, so if there is an opportunity to lock in a low rate refinance, we recommend you talk to our refinance lenders right away. We do not charge for checking the current mortgage refinance rates so complete the form above today.

best mortgage refinance rates

7 Tips For Getting the Lowest Mortgage Refinance Rates

Refinancing the mortgage on your home can result in a lower interest rate, shorter term, or lower monthly payment. You can even choose to take cash out of the equity in your home through some mortgage refinance programs. Finding the lowest mortgage refinance rates can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Here are some tips for getting the best rate mortgage refinance programs.

1. Tend to your own financial house: Check your financial situation and resolve any credit problems. Most lenders require good credit scores to be eligible for the lowest mortgage rate refinance program.

2. Educate yourself on the current interest rates: Investigate refinance rates from reputable lenders online and the trends in interest rates nationwide and locally. The internet offers a wealth of information on low rate mortgage refinancing programs. Most lenders require good credit scores to be eligible for the lowest refinance rates, so make sure you get information on the mortgage rates for which you are eligible.

3. Utilize competition to get the lowest mortgage refinance rates: You can use a mortgage broker to negotiate with several banks who basically bid low rate mortgage refinancing for your business. Another approach is to work with several mortgage lenders, and play them against one another to get the lowest mortgage refinance rates possible. After finding out a few competitive offers, see if you current mortgage holder will beat them. You may be able to avoid fees and formalities by going with your current company.

4. See how much equity you have in your home: Some lending companies offer low rate mortgage refinancing programs to people who have certain levels of equity in their homes. This can even be under five percent. Even with a good amount of equity, most lenders require good credit scores to be eligible for the lowest refinance rates.

5. Buy the lowest mortgage refinance rates: Often you can purchase points on a refinance loan that will bring down the interest for affordable home mortgage refinance rates. This involves an up-front cost, but will save money over the life of the loan and each month.

6. Use a reputable loan company or lender: Low interest rates are not a bargain if they are a scam to steal your identity or financial information.

7. Opt for a shorter term mortgage: The lowest rates offered are often for a shorter mortgage loan length. Most lenders require good credit scores to be eligible for better mortgage rate refinance terms that have a shorter amortization schedule.

Get the Current Mortgage Rates for Refinancing Your Home Mortgage

Our goal is to provide accurate interest rates based on your qualifications! Our loan officers will put your goals first and help you find a loan that saves you money every month. We will assist you in understanding the various refinance programs in order to determine which mortgage refinancing loan best suits your needs. Unlike most mortgage brokers and banks, we do not answer the telephone promising interest rates without accessing your credit, income or evaluating you're combined loan-to-value.

The Nationwide team will examine your goals and qualifications, while researching the best mortgage refinance rate options so you can compare costs and benefits until you are ready to pull the trigger on a mortgage refinance loan. Our refinance team will help you secure the best possible rate for the loan that meets your goals today and tomorrow. Combined loan to value, fico score, and debt to income ratio are the three most critical factors for determining the interest rate you qualify for.

Please complete this simple form to receive a personalized rate request from our lending partners. Once you have completed this request for a mortgage rate refinancing quote, your information will be sent to a professional loan officer affiliated with Nationwide. One of our friendly loan professionals will contact you by telephone or email.

Nationwide can match you with popular loan originators who offer a multitude of loans that maintain a competitive edge with affordable low interest rates to meet the growing needs of homeowners across the country. Our lending commitment provides homeowners with "out of the box" home refinancing solutions to consolidate debt, reduce loan payments and maximize monthly savings.

Check Out these other Popular Mortgage Refinancing Programs
Best Mortgage Refinance Rates
Fixed Mortgage Refinance Rates - Convert your escalating adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate 1st mortgage or refinance your equity credit lines to a fixed rate 2nd mortgage. Choose from conventional, government, rate and term and cash out refinancing options.

FHA Home Loan Rates – Borrowers with bad credit can now refinance their adjustable rate mortgages and get cash out up to 95% of their home’s value. The mortgage rates are very competitive with prime conventional rates, but good credit scores are not required for FHA refinancing.

Home Equity Rates – Borrow against your home without refinancing your first mortgage. Fixed rate equity loans are great for refinancing revolving credit lines into a simple interest fixed rate loan with a set monthly payment.

Second Mortgage Rates – 2nd mortgage loans allow borrowers to access cash quickly with competitive interest rates. Excellent credit and full documentation is a plus. Stated income loans will require some equity.

Mortgage refinance rates are subject to change. Discuss a rate lock with your loan officer when you submit your documentation and disclosures to underwriting for approval. VA and FHA mortgage rates are government insured loans. The government does not make loans or issue refinance loan rates. Check with FHA loan limits to verify the proposed mortgage refinance falls within the FHA limits in your county.

Compare 30-Year Fixed & Hybrid ARM Mortgage Refinance Rates
Lowest Rates for Refinancing
With the looming threat of rising mortgage rates, homeowners who are considering refinancing are comparing the 30-year mortgage to the popular hybrid ARM's like the 3/1 and 5/1 ARM's.

Get Fixed Home Refinance Rates for 30 Years!

The lowest mortgage refinance rates of course can be found in the 5/1 ARM at 2.375%, while the 30-year mortgage is available at 3.25% under the conventional and FHA refinance programs. Certainly the conservative choice would be the 30-year fixed, because the likelihood of refinance mortgage rates being available at today's record levels in three or five years is very slim.

Please Read Disclosures on Rates for Mortgage Refinancing Examples:

5-1 ARM Refinance Rate at 2.375% - The monthly payment on a $200,000 loan is $777.31 with .5 points due prior to the loan funding. The annual percentage rate or APR is 2.6%. This type of home mortgage refinance rate is considered variable because after 60 months the interest rate can adjust. However the first five years would have a rate guaranteed to be fixed at 2.375%. (720 fico, 75% LTV on 10-12-12)

15-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate at 2.75%: The payment quoted above was for $150,000 loan is $1017.93 with .75 points due at closing. The Annual Percentage Rate or APR is 2.845%. This is a fixed amortization so all 180 monthly payments would be equal. (700 fico, 75% LTV on 1-12-13)

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance at 3.25%: The payment quoted above was for $200,000 loan is $870.42 with .5 points due at closing. The Annual Percentage Rate or APR is 3.30%. This is an example of the 30-year refinance under the conventional program with 360 fixed payments. (720 fico, 75% LTV on 10-12-12)

The monthly payments used in the examples above do not include real estate taxes or homeowner's insurance premiums. After adding this, the total monthly housing payment will be more than the example quoted.


Refinance & Save

Are you interested in a securing the best possible fixed interest rates from a mortgage refinance? Find out what you need to qualify. What would you do with all the money you would save over the next five years?

"After many failed attempts to refinance our ARM into a better fixed rate, we found Nationwide. They were friendly and assisted us with a rate lock and we were able to close on a mortgage in less than three weeks."
- The Cordova Family

"We thought we were too late to get a mortgage below 4%, but BD Nation referred us to a lender that delivered amazingly low rates for mortgage refinancing. Thanks!"
- The Eggars Family

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Todays Mortgage Refinance Rates

Most economists believe that 30-year mortgage refinance rates have bottomed out because of inflation concerns that the Federal Reserve has outlined in recent meetings. For this reason we strongly recommend that you get approved and lock in a fixed mortgage refinance rates while the interest is still near all-time lows.

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This refinancing calculator will assist you in comparing mortgage rate refinancing offers. You can also analyze the total mortgage interest charges of several types of home loans.

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