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A recent Reuters articles revealed that nearly a third of homeowners are underwater and are seeking mortgage help and government relief because they are unable to qualify for a refinance loan from local lenders. Have you been rejected by loan companies because you have an underwater mortgage? If you have lost your home equity you need mortgage help from the leaders in alternative home refinance loans. Nationwide provides unique solutions for struggling homeowners. Choose from bad credit refinance programs and mortgage modification solutions.

There are several government mortgage relief opportunities with VA loans and several FHA mortgage programs. Lenders will not be extending mortgage help and loan relief forever, so act now and take advantage of foreclosure prevention programs that have helped millions of borrowers lower their payment without needing to qualify for a refinance loan from a traditional lender.

Get Mortgage Help & Lower Your Monthly Payment Even if You Have No Equity

It's no secret that low refinance rates can reduce monthly savings significantly, but what do you do if you have no equity? The HARP program encourages underwater refinancing. This means that qualified borrowers who have a mortgage lien owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. If you have late payments or low credit scores, a loan modification may be the best solution for you. Either way, Nationwide offers no cost quotes for modifications or no equity refinancing with no obligation. Please complete the form below and one of our friendly loan officers will follow up with you shortly.

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Nationwide offers a free service for homeowners to shop for lenders that offer a wide variety of refinance solutions for borrowers with all types of credit. Compare refinance loans and modification offers that provide real mortgage help to struggling homeowners. Loan programs and rates are subject to change without notice.

HARP Refinance Loans - It's no secret that the Federal Government pressured Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to offer mortgage help in the form of a refinance. There is no LTV requirement with this loan if you have a1st lien owned by Fannie or Freddie that closed prior to May 31, 2009.


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Mortgage Help

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Find out how low your monthly payment will fall with a fixed loan. Nationwide provides several loan relief initiatives that provide mortgage help to distressed homeowners. Use our calculators to figure out potential savings associated with refinancing.

Mortgage for People with Bad Credit - Foreclosures and short sales have been breaking records each of the last five years. This housing crisis is beginning to rival the woes of the Great Depression as millions of Americans lost their “nest egg” when they lost the equity in their home. Nationwide provide valuable mortgage help to homeowners across the country.

Mortgage Loans for First Time Home Buyers – If you are considering becoming a homeowner, then we advise that you learn about special house buying programs.

CALHFA Down-Payment Assistance for Home Buying in California

Home Loans for Low Credit Scores

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