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Residents from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC may be eligible for special incentives with a Free AVM (automated value appraisal) when they submit a second mortgage application online. Borrowers across the country are reducing their debts by consolidating their credit cards into a fixed rate second mortgage.
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Maryland Homeowners are now offered a solution for personal budget crisis created from the rising payments for adjustable rate HELOC’s and credit cards. If you have been look for a fixed rate alternative, then consider refinancing now with a second mortgage from Nationwide lenders. Shop and compare 2nd mortgage rates.

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Maryland lendersTake advantage of East Coast incentives that are extended to homeowners residing in DC regions, including Maryland and Virginia.

Ask you loan consultant about possible state restrictions and second mortgages rates that may vary depending upon region.

Is the Virginia & Maryland Housing Market still Bubbling or has the Housing Market Begun to Burst?
James Joyner pointed out that new data released has shown in the past year, home sales in the Washington DC region have declined dramatically, the inventory of unsold homes is up significantly, and prices have become stagnant and, in some home prices have actually, dipped.
The price trend is quite evident in Northern Virginia, where most of the region’s growth has occurred, but it is evident almost everywhere. Statistics on home sales released by Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc., the regional multiple-listing service, show that:
In the two counties and three cities that make up the Northern Virginia market, more than twice as many homes were available for sale in October as in the same month one year ago — 7,122 homes, compared with 3,254 — and sales are off 28 percent. In the District, listings are up 62 percent and sales are down 28 percent. In Montgomery County, listings are up 49 percent and sales are down 8 percent. In Prince George’s County, the listings are up 45 percent.
But home sales have remained fairly stable, dropping only 2.6 percent. The last time the region had this many houses for sale was the late 1990s, the MRIS figures show.
Maryland State Loan and Credit Guideline Updates

Home values throughout Maryland have recently peaked at all-time highs. Take a look at the Overview for Maryland Home Mortgages. Get a credit line or second mortgage and maximize the value of your home today. Find out what the local interest rates are for home equity loans and credit lines.

With Maryland home sales remaining steady across the East Coast. It may be your last chance to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage or take out a fixed second mortgage at a competitive home equity rates

Certainly, the housing supply is on an upward trajectory, and consumer demand has experienced a decline. Home prices have witnessed a dip from their summertime peaks, a common occurrence as prices often fluctuate each month and tend to decrease in the fall following the bustling home-buying season in summer.

Notably, some declines are noticeable across various regions. In the District, the median price, standing at $425,000 in October, has descended from its peak in August at $435,088. Fairfax County reached its zenith in July with a median price of $503,000, whereas in October, it was recorded at $489,450. Similarly, Montgomery County saw its peak in July at $460,000, with the median price in October settling at $429,000.

However, there is a noteworthy exception to the housing challenges in Prince George’s County, Virginia, where October witnessed an all-time high price of $315,000. This exceptional performance could be attributed to sustained high demand, likely fueled by comparatively more affordable prices than other regional areas.

Several factors contribute to the housing market’s current slowdown. Over the past few months, numerous homeowners and investors listed their properties speculatively, anticipating lucrative returns. This surge in housing supply has encountered a dwindling number of buyers, partly due to double-digit price appreciation in recent years, pricing many potential buyers out of the market.

The recent uptick in mortgage interest rates, leading to higher monthly payments, has further intensified pricing pressures. Additionally, prevailing apprehensions that the market may have reached its peak are dissuading more individuals from making home purchases.  Update:- Free AVM offer has been put on hold.

MD State Facts: Maryland Homeownership rate 67.6%.

Lending Tips from MMBA:  The Maryland Mortgage Bankers Ass. suggests MMBA that you make sure that when looking for a lender that you look for a “loan professional committed to ethical conduct and good business practices. Your loan professional can often simplify the complex process of obtaining a mortgage.” especially if you contact your MMBA lender first. For more information, please visit

Debt Consolidation Loans: Home Equity or Unsecured Loan?
Debt consolidation loans have become a popular way for Maryland homeowners to free up money each month by consolidating several monthly credit card payments into a single lower interest loan. But, the question is whether it’s best to consolidate those debts into a home equity loan or an unsecured debt consolidation loan.

Maryland Mortgage Lending Law Update

Montgomery County, Maryland: second mortgage, home purchase and home equity lending has been resumed.

The Circuit Court of Montgomery County has enjoined the implementation of the County Council’s law. The state judge ruled that the lending law cannot go into effect until “notice of the court” is given after the entire suit against the implementation of the law is heard.

The ruling has not been overturned but it prevents the legislation to move forward. In lieu of this, most mortgage lenders have resumed originating mortgage loans within that county. For more information, please visit
Effective immediately and until further notice: Nationwide Mortgage Loans will resume originate mortgage loans within Montgomery County, Maryland

Nationwide Testimonial:  “Although we had some credit problems a few years ago, you were able to refinance my mortgage and even open a line of credit as well. Nationwide Mortgage Loans understood our needs and provided us with a great solution. Thank you!”  T. Sampson-Annapolis, MD

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