Find Manufactured Home Refinance Loans

Find Manufactured Home Refinance Loans

How to Refinance a Manufactured Home and Get a Good Mortgage Rate

BD Nationwide knows the stress that comes with refinancing your manufactured home. With the government sponsored refinance programs be implemented, getting cash out and consolidating credit card debt should become a lot easier. If your payment history has been good with your mortgage, you should qualify for a competitive low mortgage rate that can help ease your budget. For over a decade our manufactured home lenders have been offering competitive refinancing to qualified borrowers across the country. Don’t wait for rates to go up! Get a free quote today!

Yes Low Rate Modular and Manufacture Home Refinancing is Available

Act fast and refinance your manufactured home loan or non conforming mortgages with a reduced fixed rate for refinancing, cash out and debt consolidation.

Both Fannie Mae and FHA have expanded their lending guidelines to allow refinancing for manufactured homes. Many borrowers stand to save thousands of dollars a year after refinancing, because many people purchased their manufactured home and had to pay a premium for financing their home. If you can lower your mortgage payment, consolidate adjustable rate debt and get cash out, then we recommend refinancing your home immediately.

Refinance your manufactured home and save money with a competitive fixed rate for 30-years.

Can I refinance my manufactured home even if I have bad credit?
Call now and learn how you can save money today!
Yes… FHA offers refinance loans on manufactured homes for borrowers with bad credit. The most important factor for FHA loans is Debt to income ratios and a good payment history on your mortgage.

If you were late on your mortgage payment after your home loan become adjustable, then FHA will make a refinancing exception with their new Secure program.