Shop for Manufactured Home Equity Loans and 2nd Mortgages

Millions of people have used government mortgages to buy manufactured homes in the United States. Not all banks and mortgage lenders offer home loans for manufactured home residences and mobile houses. Our free service will help you find financing sources anywhere in the country that offer home equity loans, 2nd mortgages for manufactured homes.

Shop for Manufactured Home Equity Loans and 2nd Mortgages

Find National lenders that offer manufactured home loans, 2nd mortgages and refinance loans for SFR, modular, mobile, and manufactured homes, regardless of past credit problems.

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It can be very difficult to qualify for a home equity loan if you are using a manufactured home as collateral. Our mobile home lenders offer several mortgage programs for borrowers that reside in modular, mobile and manufactured houses.

In most cases, manufactured homeowners have an uphill battle when applying for cash out equity loans. BD Nationwide created this online platform to help consumers find 2nd mortgages and variable rate home equity lines and fixed rate equity loans, regardless of past credit problems or type of property. Meet mobile home lenders provide unique opportunities that most mortgage companies shy away from. Get assistance locating mobile home loans for bad credit.

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Millions of Americans continue to reside in manufactured, mobile and modular housing units. While most lenders do not provide financing for these types of properties, we will try and help you find companies that provide manufactured home loans for bad credit!

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Interest rates for manufactured home loans can be a bit higher with pre-fabricated homes than with your common single-family residence. The underwriting banks consider modular/manufactured homes to be a more significant risk for default than they consider with standard SFR financing.