125 Mortgage Combo

1st and 2nd Mortgage Refinance Combination to 125%

In the mortgage industry, a recent trend involves combining a first and second mortgage, allowing for up to a 125% loan-to-value ratio. This approach proves advantageous for refinancing variable interest rates, credit card debt, and credit lines into more streamlined mortgages. According to Senior Loan Officer Brendon Daly, the 125 combo is dubbed “the best one-two punch in the mortgage business as it enables the conversion of all debts into lower-rate mortgages.” It is recommended to consult with a mortgage banker specializing in refinance loans that combine 1st and 2nd mortgage loans, home equity loans, mortgage refinancing, and fixed-rate debt consolidation loans. From a financial perspective, it makes sense to explore refinance options that consolidate all liens into one tax-deductible mortgage with an interest rate aligned with current market lows.

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BD Nationwide Mortgage, a well-known mortgage broker from California in earlier years, offered 125% refinance loans, home equity loans, mortgage refinancing, fixed-rate second mortgages, and debt consolidation loans catering to individuals with both good and bad credit. Consider consolidating and refinancing debts and mortgages into a new first mortgage or opt for a second mortgage to benefit from reduced interest rates and lower monthly payments.

125% Mortgage Combo Highlights

•Mortgage Refinance to 125%

•Refinance Adjustable Mortgage

•Roll 1st & 2nd Mortgages Together

•Consolidate all of your loans into one low mortgage payment.

BD Nationwide links you with lenders providing various fixed-rate mortgage refinance programs. The 125% combination mortgage refinance stands out as a distinctive combination loan program. It involves a 100% first mortgage and a 25% second mortgage working in tandem, enabling you to cash out and refinance up to 125% of your home’s value. With these concurrent loans, the need for private mortgage insurance is eliminated. Our offerings also include 30-year fixed-rate home purchase mortgages, ensuring a stable interest rate throughout the entire loan term.

100-25 Payment Example 125% CLTV:

$300,000 30 Year Fixed First Mortgage at 6%
360 Monthly Payments at $ 1,798.65

$ 75,000 30 Year Fixed Second Mortgage at 10%
360 Monthly Payments at $ 658.18

With the 125% fixed rate refinance, you can tap your homes equity all the way to 125% with a fixed rate second mortgage. You will also reap the rewards of a low rate and low payment that is stretched out over 30 years. Top loan experts believe that it is important for borrowers to be confident when taking a loan on against your home.

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