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Low Rate Home Purchase & Refinancing

Indiana mortgage lenders provide low rate home purchase loans and refinancing to Mid-West homeowners with competitive mortgage rate offers. We offer discounted mortgage loans for all types of borrowers. Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing your existing home or simply want to consolidate credit cards with a home equity loan, the team at Nationwide is here is assist you with your financial endeavors. Many Indiana first time homebuyers may qualify for new home purchase loans designed to increase homeownership in the Mid-West. Ask your loan officer about our FHA home financing and 100% home loans available with the My Community loans sponsored by Fannie Mae.

Over the last few months, government mortgage loans have become the hot loan product for replacing and refinancing subprime home loans. Both FHA and VA mortgage refinance applications have begun to increase in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. New FHA home lending guidelines enable cash out refinancing up to 95% loan to value. So now Mid-Western homeowners can refinance their ARM and combine high rate credit card debt into their new low rate mortgage. If you are only considering refinancing your existing mortgage loans then you can borrow up 97% loan to value.

Military veterans can still take advantage of VA home loans that encourage 100% home financing for new home purchase loans. If you are a veteran who already owns a home, but you would like to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage into a reduced fixed rate home loan, then discuss the opportunity and required qualifications for 95% cash out refinancing.

* Fixed Rate Home Purchase Loans

* Non-Conforming Home Loans

* Competitive Refinance Rates

* FHA & VA Streamline

* No Mortgage Insurance Options

* 2nd Mortgages for All Types of Credit

* 100% Home Financing

Indiana consumers enjoy
low fixed rate mortgage loans

Nationwide specializes in high LTV financing with affordable first and second mortgage loans for purchase or consolidating credit card debt.  Don't let your payment continue to rise. Lock into a fixed rate amortization schedule.

2nd Mortgage up to 100%: Fixed rates and fixed monthly payments. Borrowers have several interest options with fixed rates to lower your current monthly payments. This fixed rate second mortgage allows customers to know what the payment will be for the entire life of the mortgage. Home Equity Loans up to $500,000  >> Fixed Rate Second Mortgage

Nationwide Mortgage Loans is pleased to extend our "No Point" offer for fixed rate 1st or 2nd mortgage refinance transactions for all loan amounts over $250,000 to Indiana homeowners in 2013 . Ask your local loan officer about loan special specifics.

Other Important Indiana Mortgage Information

Home Equity Loans for Indiana Homeowners - Home Equity Credit Lines and Second Mortgages

Indiana Home Refinance Loans - 100% Home financing with Interest Only, Fixed Rates and Negative Amortization


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