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Since 1971, Freddie Mac has been publishing a weekly report for current home mortgage interest rates. The company compiles the average 15 and 30-year home mortgage rates from lenders nationally. Over the last few years, the Federal Reserve has kept the interest rates artificially low and this has helped home mortgage rates to fall to a generational low. With so many government incentives it makes sense to consider mortgage options.

Nationwide is one of the only lenders online that guarantees low home mortgage rates for refinance and purchase loans. Consumer can visit our blog online and get current home mortgage rates that are posted daily or they can talk to a loan officer by phone if they prefer. Borrowers can choose between conforming, jumbo and FHA rates. If the borrowers have a military affiliation, they can current VA rates as well. The most common terms for home mortgage interest rates are the 15 and 30-year fixed mortgage loans but we also offer hybrid ARMs for 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. These loans are unique because they have fixed mortgage interest rates for three, five, seven or ten years before they convert into adjustable rate loan.

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This year we continue to see the records being broken on interest rates for home refinancing and this is good news for struggling homeowners that are in dire need of payment relief that comes from lower home mortgage rates. Since many borrowers are fearful that rates will start to climb, most people are looking for the best home mortgage rates today. Fiscally speaking, lowering an interest rate will save consumer's money because reduced interest equates to the borrower paying less to the lender over time. The current home mortgage rates have never been lower on loan programs supported by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Veterans Affairs and the Federal Housing Administration.

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B.D. Nationwide can help consumers find affordable home mortgage programs with great terms and no pre-payment penalties. Choose from terms that range from 10 to 30-years. Please be aware that loan guidelines and home mortgage interest rates are subject to change without notice.

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ARM vs. Fixed Rate Calculator
How does a fixed home mortgage interest rate compare to a loan with an adjustable interest rate like the 5/1 ARM?

Best Time to Refinance - Interest rates fluctuate so timing the market can be tricky.

Weekly Home Mortgage Rate Forecast - Let's face it, millions of Americans have benefitted from refinancing into lower home mortgage rates, but there is still a pool of borrowers that have not refinanced in the last few years because of low fico scores or lack of equity.

Interest Rates on Home Mortgages Fall as Fed Buys More Securities. - Find out how the QE3 will impact you and your financial world.

Home Mortgage Rates
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