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San Bernardino residents are provided with 90-100% home refinance loans for all types of credit. Borrowers residing along the Southern California mountains have migrated towards FHA and conventional home loans with an effort to refinance into a fixed affordable mortgage. HUD encouraged congress to pass new laws that would increase loan amount limits in the $500,000 range. Local real estate experts are forecasting a significant decrease for property values in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties due to the foreclosure epidemic that has forced many homeowners to look for a new house. If you need money now, we suggest you access your home's equity with a second mortgage or "cash out" refinance loan.

New San Bernardino Loan Limits for FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home loans.

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Nationwide offers home equity, and refinance loans with a fixed or adjustable interest rates. We offer loans for residents in San Bernardino seeking cash or simple rate and term refinancing.

Whether you are purchasing a home in Lake Big Bear, Mt. Shasta, or Redlands we offer subordinate loans for purchase or refinance. If you need help with a "Zero Down" 80-20 combo loan, then you have found the right lending source. Nationwide Mortgage Loans provides "out of the box" 2nd mortgage and refinance programs for homeowners who need to access money at lowest possible interest rate.

A Few Common Reasons for San Bernardino Homeowners Getting Second Mortgages:

  • Fixing Variable Rate Credit
  • Increased Tax Deductions
  • Elimination of Mortgage Insurance
  • Bill Consolidation of High Rate Debt
  • Furniture for First-Time Homebuyers
  • Track Home Construction
  • Financing a Start-up Business
  • Purchasing a Vacation Home in Big Bear
  • Swimming Pool Installation
  • Replacing the Roof
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Relevant San Bernardino County Facts:

Average home value for owner occupied primary residence, 2000: $131,500
Homeownership rate, 2000: 64.5%
Average household income, 1999: $42,066
2004 estimate: 1,921,131
% of people living in same home for 5+ years, 2000: 48.2%
Average commute time from home to work (minutes), 2000: 31.0

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