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With rates at record lows, now is the best time for a home equity loan refinance that reduces the monthly payment and ensures a low fixed rate. A home equity loan refinance can lock you into a fixed rate mortgage with a low payment, interest only and cash out refinancing. Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers many competitive Home Equity programs refinancing for loans from 80% to 125% combined loan to value (cltv). We offer home equity refinance solutions with fixed rate second mortgages and low payment interest only loans. One of the most popular refinance loans is the home equity loan with a fixed rate. The home equity refinance is great for people who want to lower the payments by refinancing into a lower rate loan. Many homeowners are looking to refinance their existing home equity line of credit, because it has a variable rate.

  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan Refinancing for Payment Reduction
  • Convert Adjustable Interest into Fixed Amortization
  • Best Home Equity Loan Rates for Refinancing
  • Lower Interest Rates Equate to More Savings
  • Consolidate High Rate Credit Card interest into Fixed Simple Interest Loans

Home equity loan rates are subject to change, as well as lender approval. To qualify for equity loan refinancing, the underwriter will consider your credit score, loan to value and debt to income ratio.

Did you know that home equity loans are actually recorded as a junior lien on the property title? So an equity home refinance is considered a 2nd mortgage. The most common reason people refinance is to convert their credit line from a revolving account into a simple interest loan with a fixed rate. Fixed equity loans are considered closed-end liens or installment loans because the payments are spread out evenly over the duration of the loan with a fixed payment and fixed interest rate.

Home Equity Refinance Programs for
Payment Reduction and Fixed Interest Rates
Loan to Value: 80-125%
Credit Rating: Poor -80, Fair -95 Good - 100 or Excellent -125
Key Qualifiers: Disposable Income, Property Value, Credit Score,
Income Documentation: Full Documentation, or Stated Income to 100%
Home Equity Terms: . 15 Yr. Fixed Rate
. 20 Yr. Fixed Rate
. 25 Yr. Fixed Rate
. 30 Yr. Fixed Rate
. 30 Yr. Fixed 15 Yr. Balloon

10 Reasons for a Home Equity Refinance with Nationwide Mortgage
  1. No Seasoning Requirements --- We offer a 2nd mortgage using the new appraised value - (AVM appraisals OK)
  2. We offer home equity loans and don't require any equity! 2nd mortgages up to 125%
  3. 55% Debt to income Ratios allowed up 100% LTV.
  4. We offer 30 different home equity loan programs (1 of the loans will meet your needs)
  5. We do not require you to draw the entire line of credit at closing
  6. Nationwide offers fixed rate home equity loans and lines of credit up to a
    100% behind Negative Amortization 1st mortgage!
  7. We have partnered with investment banks that allow you to own up to 15 different non owner occupied investment properties.
  8. Stated Income -- Nationwide will use stated income for All types of People;
    Self Employed Borrowers, W2'd Employees, Retired, SSI, and 1st Time Home Buyers.
  9. Nationwide - has a Stated Value 2nd mortgage that requires No Appraisal!
  10. Pick your High Fico Score has become extremely popular because it lowers the rate.


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"We needed cash quickly so we went online to shop for an equity loan online, but when we found Nationwide we got excited, because they had loan programs for all types of borrowers. We got approved for home equity refinancing that saves us over $100 a month and we even got cash back!" - B. Johnson, Orlando, FL

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