Home Equity Loans for First Time Homebuyers

Finance Home Improvements and New Furniture!

Are you a 1st time homebuyer who recently moved into a new home and you need cash to help you finance house repairs or landscaping?

Would you like a home equity loan to consolidate your credit card bills that were maxed out from all the unexpected expenses of homeownership?

First time home buyers need every break they can get, because with a new home comes new responsibilities with additional costs. If you recently bought a house, consider a tax deductible equity loan designed for new home buyers.

BD Nationwide Mortgage provides home equity loans to first time homebuyers who have no equity available in their home yet. We offer loans for first time buyers to qualified borrowers seeking debt consolidation and cash out for financing new furniture and possibly home improvements. To qualify you will need a steady job and good credit scores. Full documentation is required for all 1st time homebuyer home equity loans.

First Time Home Loans

Second Mortgages with Money

Credit Fico Scores 640 >

Cash for Debt Consolidation

Refinance Credit Card Bills!
Affordable Loan Payments
No Mortgage Insurance Required!
Finance New Furniture & Home Repairs

1st Time Homebuyers are approved for
home equity loans every day!

Can I qualify for a 2nd mortgage if I'm a 1st time home buyer and I have only lived in my new home for 6 months?
It is very difficult to find a home equity lender who will allow new homeowners to get cash out with an equity loan or second mortgage prior to living in the home for one year. Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers 125% second mortgage loans for first time homebuyers one day after purchasing your home.

Refinancing your revolving debts and consolidating any adjustable rate unsecured loans is strongly suggested. With all of the new obligation 1st time homebuyers are responsible for it is imperative that you manage your finances and expenses.

Nationwide recommends a free debt analysis with one of our experienced loan officers who can evaluate your liabilities and assets to determine your debt to income ratio.

If it makes sense to roll your debts into a new loan that cuts your expenses and increases your cash flow, then we will recommend it. Remember there are no costs and no obligation whatsoever. If you want to lower monthly payments and lock into a fixed rate loan, act now!


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