Home Equity Debt Consolidation

Home equity debt consolidation loans help borrowers consolidate revolving bills and save with our fixed rate loans for refinancing your adjustable rate interest. As credit line rates continue to rise and the home equity market shifts, fixed rate home equity loans have become the loan of choice for debt consolidation. Borrowers can consolidate their ARMs and save with our fixed rate home equity loans and 125% second mortgages that will refinance their variable rate interest and high rate revolving credit cards. Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers bill consolidation 2nd mortgages that can help your free your cash flow and eliminates compounding interest charged from your credit card companies. More than ever, home equity loans have become a powerful resource for consolidating debt and refinancing adjustable rate loans. Now, you can pay off high interest credit cards and installment loans that will lower your payments and assist you in saving thousands of dollars a year. If you currently have an adjustable rate second mortgage or a variable interest home equity line of credit, it makes a lot of sense to review your debt refinancing options and lock into a fixed rate home equity loan to maximize your monthly savings.

Consolidating Debt with an Equity Loan

Fixed Rate - Lower Payments

First Time Homebuyers OK

Loans to 125% of Home Value

Consolidate Credit Card Debt and
Save Hundreds each month

Home Equity for Good and Bad Credit

Refinance all of your bills into
1 Low monthly Payment.

Prime Rate Home Credit Lines

Lower Monthly Payments, Refinance Credit Card Debt and Enjoy the Extra Money in Your Pocket!

What do the Experts Think of Home Equity Loans for Consolidating Debt?

Financial analysts suggest securing a home equity loan if you can increase your cash flow, or invest in a project that appreciates your home's value. Consider making home improvements to your primary residence. Another popular purpose for home equity loans continues to be for purchasing second homes, rental properties, and vacation homes.

Debt Consolidation can reduce your monthly expenses, improve your interest rates, and help you position yourself better financially for the future.

Loan Payment Calculator with Amortization Schedule
How much will my monthly loan payment be at various compounding intervals?

3 Best Methods for Homeowners to Maximize their Home Equity
  1. Consolidate any debt that carries a variable interest rate
  2. Debt Consolidation for all revolving credit accounts
  3. Financing Home Improvements for increased property appreciation


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Property Type
Property Value
Credit Rating

Resource Tools

Loan Comparison Calculator
This calculator will help you to compare the total mortgage interest charges of 4 types of loans.

Debt Investment Calculator
Understand how much interest you can save by eliminating debt.

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