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For more than twenty years BD Nationwide has been connecting consumers with lenders that provide a wide variety of government mortgage loans.

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When the mortgage industry crashed a few years ago, lenders, brokers and borrowers turned to government mortgage programs like VA and FHA loans. In these tough economic times, Americans have turned to government mortgages more than conventional or private money lenders.

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As the housing crisis continues the Federal government has doubled down on backing affordable mortgage programs in an effort to help more Americans with homeownership.

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Over the last few years, millions of American consumers have come to depend on Federal mortgages for home buying and refinancing. Government financing is more popular than ever because they are accessible with low rates on government mortgages. Talk with a friendly loan consultants today that specialize in government mortgage programs.

  • Federal Housing Administration
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • USDA Rural
  • VA Loans

New Government Loans for Home Buying and Refinancing

Government mortgage rates have dropped to historic levels in recent years and millions have Americans have been able to take advantage of government insured loans with the FHA and VA loan programs.

VA home loans are government mortgage options that are guaranteed for military borrowers. For VA mortgages you must meet the VA eligibility requirements. Basically you need to be active in the military or veteran. Military borrowers have a significant financing advantage because VA guidelines require no down-payment for home buying and no equity for VA borrowers refinancing. As many people have recently learned, 100% refinancing and no money down loan are scarce in the United States.

Unlike the VA program, with FHA you do not need any military or government affiliation to qualify for a FHA loan product. FHA mortgages are similar to conventional loans, but with FHA, the government insures the loans. FHA does not make government home loans, but they do insure them. This enables loan companies to become approved for FHA lending so you do not have to actually go to the government for processing your loan. FHA refinancing is more attainable for the average homeowner than conventional lending today.

VA Home Mortgage Loans
Military home buyers can buy a home with zero down.
VA Military Debt-Consolidation Loans
Consolidate debt with VA Refinancing
Military Home Refinancing Loans
VA rates are so low that borrowers are saving real money!
VA Streamline Refinance
If you already have a VA mortgage, you can streamline any time the interest rates drop.
VA Refinance
100% refinancing means the VA borrowers can refinance with no equity.
VA Home Loan FAQ
Learn more about VA home buying and government mortgages

Compare Government Home Loans with Low Interest Rates

FHA guidelines are lenient with credit and most FHA loan programs will approve borrowers with bad credit scores. FHA has been popular with first time homebuyers for decades because the down-payment requirements are significantly less than with conventional and subprime lending. People buying a FHA no down-payment for home buying and no equity for VA borrowers refinancing. As many people have recently learned, 100% refinancing and no money down loan programs are scarce in the United States.

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