Georgia Home Equity Rates
Lenders Offer 2nd Mortgage & Equity Loan Refinancing

Prime home equity rates are offered to Georgia homeowners seeking fixed rate home equity loans or variable rate credit lines online.

Many Georgia homeowners are frustrated with slumping home sales and as a result the home refinancing volume has declined.

Borrowers are migrating towards home equity loans and 2nd mortgage liens because they allow them to keep their low interest rate they already have locked with their 1st mortgage.

Georgia homeowners are enjoying the low interest options for fixed rate home equity loans.

Whether purchasing a home in Atlanta or Savannah we offer subordinate loans for purchase or refinance. If you need help with a "100%" financing or 80-20 combo loans you have found the best lending source for competitive home equity products online.

Georgia Home Loan Rates Have Fallen Below 4%

Nationwide offers home equity, second mortgage and refinancing loans with fixed or adjustable interest rates. We offer loans for Georgia residents seeking cash or simple rate and term refinancing. We offer a wide variety of mortgage refinancing programs for homeowners who need to access money.

At this time, home equity loans are the most popular form of subordinate financing at the moment, and with fixed rates lower than the adjustable rate, it's no wonder why the popularity has increased. Lock in with a Low Rate with a Fixed Rate Mortgage.

Georgia Cash Out 2nd Mortgage Refinancing Increases!

Refinance with a Fixed Rate Mortgage

125% Home Equity Loans

Georgia Jumbo Home Loans to 100%

Debt Consolidation Loans

Tax Deductible Second Mortgages

2nd Mortgage Behind Negative Amortization
Low Rate Interest Only HELOC's

Georgia homeowners can find some relief in consolidating credit card debt with a fixed rate refinancing.
Nationwide is offering Georgia homeowners a no cost home equity loan for qualifying borrowers.

Home Equity Line of Credit - Take advantage of our home equity loans that offer either a fixed rate 2nd mortgage, or a flexible interest only home equity line of credit with prime adjustable rates. We now offer the fixed rate home equity credit lines that allow you to fix the rate for the first five years of the line. Another exclusive second mortgage feature available is the option to fix the rate of designated portions of the line.

For example, if you have a $100,000 home equity line of credit, and you already used $40,000 of the line: You can choose to convert the used $40,000 of the equity line to a fixed rate second mortgage, and still keep the remaining $50,000 open as a revolving credit line. Get the best of both worlds with the peace of mind offered with a fixed rate-fixed payment second mortgage and the convenience of an open-end line of credit.

Our loan team will help you finance new furniture, house improvements and they will show you a solution for consolidating high interest credit card debt. Nationwide offers many fixed rate solutions, that don't require you to refinance your first home loan. We offer competitive 2nd mortgages that will aid you in reducing your monthly expenses while returning you with significant savings.

Wouldn't you like to put more money in your pocket each month? Many of our second mortgage and refinance programs were created so people with less than perfect credit, can pay off debts, make improvements to their home, and offer access to additional funds for a multitude of reasons.

Before the rates get too high, Apply for a Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan. Stay online and complete one simple form and one of our experienced loan professionals will follow up with you shortly.

Relevant Georgia Facts:
Peach State Homeowners

Average home value for owner occupied primary residence, 2000: $111,200
Homeownership rate, 2000: 67.5%
Average household income, 1999: $42,433
2004 estimate: 8,829,383
% of people living in same home for 5+ years, 2000: 49.2%
Average commute time from home to work (minutes), 2000: 27.7

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