Subordinate 2nd Mortgage & Refinance with FHA

FHA mortgage loans are one of the rare lending products that enable borrowers to subordinate their existing 2nd mortgage and line of credit and simply refinance the 1st mortgage. Borrowers can subordinate and refinance up to 115% combined loan to value. No cash out is allowed with subordinate refinancing. If you need a rate and term refinances and you have a second mortgage that cannot be fit into the new refinance loan, there is still hope yet.

Ask your loan officer about state specific loan incentives that may enable you to lower your mortgage payment even more. HUD regulates the loan amount limits that vary from state to state based on cost of living conditions. Borrowers are taking out FHA home loans for rate and term, cash out, bill consolidation and new home purchases.

Affordable Fixed Rate Government Home Mortgage Loans

Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers multiple types of FHA loans. We continue to offer a wide array of government mortgage options with ensure competitive interest rates and limited home equity restrictions.

New FHA Mortgage Loan Limits by MSA, County and State:
Select a state below to get specific details for the recently increased FHA loan limits. FHA mortgage restrictions do vary by county and state, so select one of the state links below to get started.

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