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As traditional mortgage lenders began tightening loan guidelines, the demand for FHA refinancing increased dramatically. As an experienced government lender, Nationwide proud to offer affordable FHA refinancing to borrowers with all types of credit. Our lenders guarantee the FHA refinance rates online to qualified loan applicants. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has implemented many changes to FHA refinance loans in the last few years, so discuss your goals and circumstances with a loan officer at Nationwide who has experience with government refinancing.

Save Money with Low Fixed Rate FHA Refinancing

FHA rates have fallen to amazing lows which have created many opportunities for homeowners across the country to reduce their interest rate and lower their monthly payments with discounted FHA refinancing. Take advantage of interest rates are low and consider refinancing with FHA today.

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FHA Home Refinancing Loans
Americans like FHA for refinancing their homes because they are fair and flexible with credit. Get a lower interest rate or get access to cash for consolidating debt.
FHA Bad Credit Refinancing
FHA has been helping people with less than perfect credit since 1934. If you have a 500 credit score or better, you may qualify for FHA refinancing.
FHA Streamline Refinance
If you already have a FHA mortgage, refinancing is easy with the streamline program. No cash out allowed.
FHA Home Reverse Mortgage Loans
If you are an American who is at least 62 years of age, you may be eligible for a home loan that pays you.
FHA Home Refinance Loans After a Bankruptcy
Many homeowners have to file bankruptcy. FHA provides people with another opportunity for a lower rate with FHA refinancing allowed after 24 months of the BK discharge date.
FHA Homeownership
FHA Government Mortgage Refinance
The U.S. created the Federal Housing Administration and offers government refinancing nationally.
FHA Mortgage Rate Refinance
When a borrower needs to refinance their home without cash, we call it a rate and term refinance.
97% FHA Refinance Loans
Borrowers can refinance their home with only 3.5% equity in their home. This is the closest thing to 100% refinancing.
85% Cash Out FHA Refinance Loans
Homeowners get access to tax deductions and cash out that non-homeowners do not have. FHA allows cash out refinancing to 85%.

FHA Mortgage Loans for Fair Credit Refinancing
We offer government refinance programs for borrowers with good and fair credit. Take advantage of the flexible credit guidelines that HUD continues to promote with FHA refinancing.

203K FHA Home Improvement Loans
This government mortgage enables borrowers to get cash for home rehabilitation and energy efficient initiatives. Imagine installing a solar energy system and eliminating your energy bill.

FHA refinance rates are subject to change without notice.


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Leverage Your Home and Save Money with Low Rate FHA Refinancing

Learn more about how credit scores work. FHA has unique refinancing requirements.

Understanding Credit Scores

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