Get Pre-Qualified for a FHA Mortgage Loan

For many years now, first time house buyers have been using FHA to pre-qualify for a home loan. It's important to get pre-qualified for a FHA mortgage for many reasons, and it can make the entire home buying process go a lot more smoothly for prospective home buyers. Pre-qualification can provide the following benefits:

  • Allowing a person to know exactly what they can afford for a monthly payment
  • Provides proof to sellers that a home can be afforded
  • Enables a person to be able to buy bank owned homes
  • Gift Funds allowed with FHA home mortgages
  • Low down-payments encouraged on FHA pre-qualification letters

Pre Qualify FHA

The following benefits are invaluable ones when going through the process of buying a home using a FHA mortgage, as they allow prospective buyers to be able to know what they can afford, compete in a home buying market, and be provided with limitless buying possibilities. In most cases, our government approved lenders can show you consumers what they need to do to pre-qualify for a FHA loan.

When looking to buy a home, it is always important for a prospective buyer to know just what they will be able to comfortably afford, and the pre-qualification process provides just that. When a person is pre-qualified for a FHA mortgage, they are only qualified for an amount that their financial records determine they will be able to afford with minimal risks of defaulting on their loan. This amount will tell a person looking to buy a home just which price range they should be looking at in order to find the home that best suits them financially.

Get an Attractive Pre-Qualification Letter for an FHA Loan from Trusted Lenders

Also, with the highly competitive nature of home buying, a pre-qualification letter will tell sellers that the buyer is not only serious about purchasing a home, but that they will be able to afford the home they are making an offer on. Typically, a buyer with a pre-qualification letter will be taken more seriously than a buyer without. Talk to multiple lenders now about how to pre-qualify for a FHA home loan with no application fee.

The pre-qualification process is one that should be done with the FHA lender of a person's choice, and the prospective home buyer should provide the lender with various different pieces of financial information and records. These records will be used to determine the amount a buyer can be pre-qualified for and allow them to obtain the pre-qualification letter needed to make a serious offer on their desired home.

You can also visit the US Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, website. Different regions will offer different FHA approved mortgage lenders, and it is best to seek a lender in the desired home purchasing area when looking for pre-qualification.


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Find a FHA mortgage lender in any specific area can be done online here. BD Nationwide can help you compare rates, terms and lender closing costs for free.  Talk to loan professionals at no cost with no obligation. Learn the basics of getting pre-qualified for a FHA loan now.

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