Mortgage Refinance Loans to 97 Percent with FHA

Did you know that FHA mortgage lenders continue to report a flood of mortgage refinance applications due to HUD increasing the loan limits? With higher loan amounts at 97.5% loan to value, many homeowners now have the ability of combining their first and second mortgages together for a lower payment that is amortized with a fixed interest rate for thirty years. If you are looking for FHA mortgage lenders from San Diego, then you will be excited to work with our local team. If you are looking for an FHA lender outside of California, we can still help you as we have local teams nationwide.

Borrowers who have had some issues with past collections, bankruptcies and bad credit scores can rest assured that FHA mortgage loans give homeowners an opportunity to reestablish their credit at an affordable interest rate. Our FHA lenders can help you qualify for a competitive fixed rate loan that can be refinanced with the streamline program if the mortgage rates drop after your loan closes.

FHA Home Refinancing Heats up with No Equity Loan Programs

We provide useful tools, reports and guidelines to help you get up to speed on the latest FHA mortgage loans so that you can have peace of mind when you refinance your home. Our FHA loans have aided thousands of homeowners with questionable credit scores lock into mortgage rate that they could afford while saving money with because of the reduced interest rates and favorable terms. FHA interest rates on mortgage refinance loans have never been more attractive. Get approved today for a 97% refinance loan and there is cost to apply with our lenders.

Many government lenders have indicated that the resurgence of FHA mortgages point towards be first signs of home financing and real estate recovery. A few years ago HUD released a new refinancing program, the "FHA Secure" that was created to help homeowners who fell behind on their mortgage payment after their ARM loan payment adjusted. The mortgage refinance guidelines require that borrowers have demonstrated a perfect payment history prior to their adjustable rate mortgage payment resetting. Currently the standard mortgage refinance loan with FHA also prohibits cash out and the maximum loan to value is capped at 96.5%. People can still refinance with FHA for cash back but only up to 85% loan to value.

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FHA Mortgage Refinance Benefits

Fixed Rate Refinancing for All Types of Credit

FHA Allows You to Refinance 1st & 2nd Purchase Money Mortgages into New Loan

Past Bankruptcy and Bad Credit Scores OK

97% Mortgage
FHA Home Refinancing Guarantees Fixed Mortgage Rates for the Life of the Loan!

96.5% Rate and Term for Refinancing

15 or 30 Year Fixed Rate Amortization

Do I need use FHA mortgage lenders for all FHA loans? - The Federal Housing Administration or the Housing of Urban Development does not provide home financing. The FHA guarantees home mortgages with loans offered by FHA approved lenders. This eases the lending restrictions for taking out a home loan because the lenders are confident that FHA protects them in case of loan payment defaults.

Do I have to use my home as my primary residence when I finance with an home loan insured by FHA? - Yes. The FHA requires owner occupied the properties when purchasing a home with FHA mortgages.

Mortgage refinance rates are subject to change at any time, so get approved now lock into a 15 or 30-year fixed interest rate.


FHA Loan Limits by State

Mortgage Refinance Loans

Keep in mind that FHA mortgage limits vary in most states. HUD determines the loan limitations based on the cost of living indexes.

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