FHA Home Refinance Loans After a Bankruptcy

FHA Home Refinance Loans After a Bankruptcy

Does FHA Approve Mortgage Refinancing After a Bankruptcy?

FHA has unique bankruptcy guidelines for Chapter 7,11, and 13 BK mortgage refinancing. FHA loan programs allow borrowers in a chapter 13 to actually refinance out and pay off the bankruptcy.
Borrowers must have been in the bankruptcy for at least a year and they need to provide proof that their BK payments were paid on time. Lower payments and get cash out while saving money by consolidating debts. Consider taking out a new FHA mortgage loan even if you have low credit scores.

Consider Fixed Rate Home Refinancing after a Bankruptcy

We have helped many homeowners get back on track by refinancing adjustable rate debts and consolidating revolving credit that often times help significantly increasing the fico scores within a few months. If you’re Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy has been discharged for more than 2 years, then we can offer you a fixed rate mortgage loan to improve your home financing situation.
If you have re-established good credit, we can assist you in qualifying for a refinance loan that may save you a lot of money each month. Consider converting adjustable rate debt into a fixed simple interest loan for lower monthly payments. Take advantage of our government insured bad credit FHA loans and apply for a competitive low rate refinance today.
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  • Refinance out of your High Rate Sub-Prime Loans
  • Good Re-Established Credit Justifies Low Rate Refinancing with FHA

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