Get Help Finding Federal Mortgage Loans and Government Financing Programs

Millions of America borrowers have benefitted from federal mortgage programs that have helped them overcome low credit scores and equity issues. Nationwide offers several federal mortgage loans that have helped many homeowners prevent foreclosures. We have helped people with poor credit refinance their mortgages as well with reduced rate mortgages.
Federal mortgage rates have fallen to record lows this year and many Americans have been able to get approved with popular federal mortgage programs from USDA, VA and FHA. We will help you find Nationwide lenders specializes in government mortgage loans so take advantage of our expertise.

What is a Funded Federal Mortgage?

A government-backed mortgage refers to a mortgage loan that receives insurance coverage from a federal government agency. Homebuyers have access to three varieties of such mortgages, and in certain instances, these programs can simplify the qualification process for obtaining a mortgage.

Find Low Rate Government Mortgage Loans

If you have been late on your home loan or credit card bills then your credit score is likely too low to qualify with a conventional lender. We offer subprime and Federal mortgage programs that help people with limited or poor credit secure an affordable financing source.
One of the most popular federal mortgage programs is the VA home loan. Military borrowers love this unique financing because VA rates are great and the lending guidelines are more flexible than conventional home loans. Military borrowers have a significant financing advantage because VA guidelines require no down-payment for home buying and no equity for VA borrowers refinancing. As many people have recently learned, 100% refinancing and no money down loan are scarce in the United States.
Home Loans with No Down-Payment
Vets and active military personnel have a great opportunity to become homeowners with no down-payment. 100% Financing is available for all applicants that meet the VA eligibility.
VA Refinance
Vets have the ability to re-do their mortgage whether they have any equity in their home or not. The Federal mortgage programs still support veteran home refinancing.
New Homebuyer Loan with FHA
This is the most popular government mortgage because borrowers only need 3.5% down to buy a home.
Bad Credit Refinancing with FHA
Refinance with credit scores as low as 500.