Nationwide Mortgage Loans Environmental Policy

BD Nationwide Environmental Policy

BD Nationwide maintains a commitment to being a responsible environmental business includes recycling programs. We believe that we all play a collective role in protecting the environment. Our company continues to project a vision for a corporation that contributes to the environment. Nationwide’s goal is to be a careful steward of the environment and to implement programs and processes to ensure our operations and products are environmentally sound.

Our green goal is committed uphold environmental excellence because the ideals of environmentalism are essential for our future. We must all work to be more efficient because it is the quickest way to eliminate waste. On a corporate level, we strive to meet this threshold with a fundamental environmental policy. Individuals employed at Nationwide have taken the initiative to join private organizations like the Surfrider Foundation in an effort to improve our local beaches where we enjoy spending our personal time.

We make an effort to align ourselves with companies and organizations equally committed to make our world more clean for years to come.

BD Nationwide promotes the recycling of paper and office through our company initiatives and state sponsored programs.