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Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers debt consolidation quotes for consolidating credit cards with fixed refinance loans. Home equity, fico scores, and residual income are the most critical factors for determining the loan amount and interest rate.

The experienced staff at Nationwide will help research your home refinance options & uncover the best possible rate for the loan that meets your needs.

Many Americans have become very frustrated from credit card companies increasing their monthly minimum payments. With the new laws that went into effect in 2007, many homeowners have found that their credit card payments are not affordable any more. Many credit card companies doubled the minimum payments due.

Unfortunately credit card debt can be difficult to pay down or pay off completely. If you are tired of transferring credit card balances from one credit card company to another, then it's time to consider a debt consolidation loan with a second mortgage. Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers comprehensive home equity loans for refinancing debt s with a mortgage for increased tax deductions and more monthly savings.

Please complete this simple form to receive a personalized home equity loan quote from Nationwide Mortgage Loans. Once you have completed this request for a 2nd mortgage quote, your information will be sent to Nationwide Mortgage Loans. A professional loan officer from Nationwide Mortgage Loans will contact you by telephone or email.

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*Debt consolidation loan rates cannot be guaranteed because rates, fees, APR, and closing costs are subject to individual homeowners' credit score, debt to income ratio & the combined loan-to-value.


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"The lending team at Nationwide helped me get cash out quickly with a low rate home equity loan. I was able to consolidate some credit card debt and finance some home improvements.. Thank you!
- Johnson Family.

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