Debt Consolidation Loans New Jersey
Simple Interest Second Mortgages to 125% & Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

New Jersey homeowners find monthly savings with debt consolidation loans and 125% second mortgages for refinancing credit card debt. Nationwide offers secure debt consolidation with fixed rate home equity loans for Jersey and New York homeowners with good and bad credit.

New Jersey residents can now use the equity in their home as collateral to eliminate adjustable rate credit card debt along with other high interest loans.

The interest is tax deductible to 100%, and we are one of the few mortgage lenders in the country who still offer the 125% second mortgage for first time homebuyers.

Don't gamble with your hard earned home equity!

Consolidate high interest loans and credit cards debt now!
Nationwide Mortgage Loans provides debt consolidation financing to assist you in finding ways to have lower monthly payment s that will save you thousands of dollars a year by defeating the compounding interest of your credit cards. Free Quote for Debt Consolidation Financing!

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator
This Mortgage Refinance calculator can assist you in analyzing the benefits of refinancing. This will help you calculate the monthly payment while displaying the net interest savings. It will also calculate how many months it will take to get a return on investments for the mortgage loan costs.
Mortgage Tax-Savings Calculator
Find out what your tax savings will be for a first or second mortgage loan.

Eliminate the high interest credit cards and consolidate those bills to minimize your monthly payments. You can combine credit cards, auto loans, student loans, etc. into one lower monthly payment and save thousands of dollars a year in just interest alone. Stop paying the late credit card charges and roll the debt together for one simple interest payment. Click Here for a Fixed Rate Second Mortgage.

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Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
equity loans are second mortgages that are secure to your home and have fixed interest rates. The fixed rate second mortgages offer a lump-sum with fixed payment schedules. (15, 20, 25 or 30 year fixed rate second mortgage).
Refinance Second Mortgage
Fixed rate second mortgages up to 125% combined loan to value. First Time Home-buyers OK Credit Rating: Fair Good or Excellent. Key qualifiers: CLTV, property value, credit score, and stated income OK.


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Property Value
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Resource Tools

Debt Investment Calculator
Understand how much interest you can save by eliminating debt.

Find out about the latest Interest Rate Trends


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