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Our mortgage company offers debt consolidation loans to 125% loan to value with low fixed interest rates for credit card debt refinance. This site match's people with companies that offer no equity home refinance loans, 2nd mortgages and bill consolidation. Borrowers can refinance debt secured by their home even if there is zero equity. If your credit scores are too low for a second mortgage, you may qualify for a FHA loan that allows cash out for debt consolidation and adjustable refinancing.

There are many financial advantages you can obtain by consolidating debt into a home loan. First of all, credit card accounts carry adjustable rate interest that revolves. Unfortunately, when consumers make a minimum credit card payment it is only applied to the interest. When homeowners go to make a payment on their debt consolidation loan, a portion of that payment goes towards paying off the loan. With the credit cards your balances and debt obligations rise, but with home mortgage consolidation loans your balance and debt obligations are reduced.

Mortgage Refinancing from 80 to 125%:
Debt Consolidation with a Simple Interest Loan
By Lynda Nelms

As many of you already know, consumer debt is at an all-time high, and if you have credit card bills mounting each month it may be time to consider a 125% second mortgage. This 2nd home loan requires no equity, and the loans can even exceed the value of your home. For example, If you recently purchased your home and owe the 1st mortgage company $200,000 and your house is worth $200,000, Nationwide can still help you get an additional $50,000 with a 125% debt consolidation loan that even allows you to access more cash.

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125% loans can help transform eight high rate credit card accounts into one reduced monthly payment that can save you hundreds of dollars in interest each month. For example, if you are paying out $925 a month for $40,000 in credit card debt, a 2nd mortgage could cut your payments in half with a fixed monthly payment of $450.

Trouble Qualifying for 2nd Mortgage Loans?

Try FHA mortgage loans allow borrowers to consolidate debt and refinance up to 95% because

  • FHA Mortgages offer Cash Back
  • Fixed Rate 30 Year Home Mortgage
  • Credit Scores are not a factor
  • Competitive Low Fixed Rate Loans
  • FHA Refinance Loans for Credit Card Consolidation

Critics will tell you that the interest rates are higher for no equity home mortgages than traditional home equity loans. These people are right, but if it saves you money, and you don't plan on moving for a few years, this could still be a great loan for you. Jason Pizzinat, an experienced loan officer says, "High LTV debt consolidation loans have saved my clients money, and in some cases have helped them avoid bankruptcy."

  • Debt Consolidation from 90 to 100%
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • No Pre-Pay Penalty Options
  • 1st Time Homebuyer Specials
  • Adjustable Rate Conversion
  • Fixed Rate Loan Combination
  • Convert Adjustable Rate Loans
  • Negotiate Lower Payments

Compare bill consolidation loans with fixed or variable rates for refinancing or cash back. Consider both sides of loan terms and find out how we can help you lower your "Debt to Income" ratio (DTI). Reducing your DTI will help you pay less interest to the credit card companies and banks.

  • Manage Credit Card Debt Better
  • Save Money with Fixed Rate Loans
  • Fixed Rate Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Free home equity accounts

Refinance Credit Card Debt and Lower Your Monthly Payments with a
Fixed Rate Debt Consolidation Loan to 125%
Loan Amount
Current Payments
Home Equity Payment*
Monthly Payment Savings
*This is a sample of refinanced credit debt and assumes interest rate for the
125% Home Equity Loan at 11.25%. Apply Now and find out how much you can save!

Our skilled loan officers will help you understand the loan possibilities with respect to the qualifying combined loan-to-value ratios, fico scores, and income documentation required.

Ask your loan officer about how Nationwide can help you with debt management and credit card consolidation solutions that are best for your situation. Get more information and the latest second mortgage options that may be available to you. Shop loan companies and now and talk to experienced debt specialists.

Consolidating Debt: Home Equity Loans Versus Credit Card Debt

Need fast money and not sure how to get it? Sometimes it makes sense to get a small equity loan for a small amount of cash, rather than taking out a costly refinance loan that raises the interest rate of your already low first mortgage.

What about looking into a home equity loan instead of just accruing more credit card debt? A home equity loan is a good choice for the person who has a good bit of equity in his home and wants an option other than the high interest rates that many credit cards charge. One of the best reasons to look into a home equity loan is noted at First Horizon Equity Lending's website, "Unlike credit cards the interest you pay with home equity loans and lines is potentially tax deductible."

A home equity line of credit also gives a person higher credit limits and much more flexibility when spending. Often lenders will allow the borrower to take a line of credit that is up to 80% of the home's value. Even better, in some cases the borrower may find they can take up to 125% of the value of their home. In most cases lenders will only offer fixed rate 125% home equity loans. It is very difficult to qualify for a 125% line of credit. High LTV HELOC's do exist, however the interest rates are typically a few points higher than the fixed rate equity loan rates.

Much like using a credit card, when a person chooses an equity line of credit they are usually given either a check for a specific amount or a credit card enabling them to access money as needed. As you repay the amount of money you use it becomes available again as needed.

When choosing a home equity line of credit it is good to keep in mind that you must pay the loan back within a certain time period. The good news is this can be anywhere from five to 30 years depending on the situation. You will also know for sure what your monthly payment will be and better, there is a fixed interest rate.

The folks at TD Banknorth also note that before taking out a line of credit the borrower should ask a few questions. "What is the purpose of the loan; how much do you want to take out; what payment amounts can you afford."

Overall, when a person chooses the option of a home equity loan versus a credit card debt they are letting their home work for them. Just be sure you know all the loopholes before choosing this type of line. Remember too, a home equity loan versus home equity credit lines can be different. The loan is just a one-time amount you pay back while a line of credit might have variable interest rates, but for long-term money needs this is the way to go.

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Client Testimonials

"Nationwide helped me consolidate by credit card debt that had gotten out of hand.

After refinancing my debts my payments were lowered and I saved nearly $600 a month in the process. Thank you for helping me plan a budget that turned my cash flow around!"
– T. Burke

Consolidating Credit Card Debt with a Mortgage Refinance

5 Tips for a Home Equity Loan Refinance
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