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Compare the pros and cons of each home equity loan. Save money, secure the lowest rate and learn everything you need to know about 2nd mortgage financing online.

Now you can shop and compare home equity loans and home equity credit line rates online. BD Nationwide offers lending tips for home equity loan comparison with side by side analysis credit lines, interest rates and other loan options for cash out refinancing online. We offer free loan comparison quotes for home equity loan refinancing, credit lines and 2nd mortgages designed for homeowners with good and bad credit. With the Dodd-Frank reform going into effect, there are new disclosure laws that you should be aware of. The Good Faith Estimate was resigned to offer multiple choices so consumers can shop and compare home loans with confidence.

Read, research, and compare home equity loan options so you feel good about financing the equity in your home. Do not under-estimate the value of home equity, and consider the benefits and risks before you make a decision. Now more than ever, consumers can select from a wide variety of equity loan products to find the home loan that meets their needs the most.

Shop Credit Line and Home Equity Loan Rates Online

Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers free loan comparison quotes for all types of home equity loans. Choose from no equity loans, stated income home equity lines of credit, fixed rate home equity refinance, interest only loans, hard money and debt consolidation loans for people with both prime and sub-prime credit. Take a second and compare our wide variety of home equity loans that are available for homeowners with all ranges of fico scores. Compare interest rate options for home equity loans, and consider whether an interest only payment with an adjustable rate home equity credit line is good for your situation. We will help you evaluate choosing between fixed or variable rate equity loans, and get you approved for the second mortgage you been searching for.

If you have less than perfect credit, we will help you get a sub-prime home equity loan that was designed to help homeowners get the cash they need while getting their credit back on track. We offer second mortgage programs for people with past late payments, collections or bankruptcies. Nationwide offers a simple online form that is easy to complete in seconds. Relax at home comparing interest rates and home equity terms and conditions.

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Compare rates and home equity terms.

BD Nationwide is one of the few mortgage bankers to offer 2nd mortgages behind negative amortization loans and payment option ARM's.

  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
  • Select Interest Only with HELOC
  • No Equity Refinancing with HARP
  • Prime Rate Equity Line of Credit
  • Cash Back Equity Loans

Compare Home Equity Loans Online

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
Home equity loans are considered 2nd mortgages that are secured by the collateral in your home. These loans offer fixed interest rates for the entire term. Choose from home equity CLTV programs: 80, 90, 100 and 125%. Fixed rate home equity loans offer a lump-sum providing the entire loan amount at closing with fixed payment schedules. (15, 20, 25 or 30 year fixed rate second mortgage loans).

Home Equity Line of Credit
Home equity lines are revolving lines of credit like credit cards, yet they are secured by your home collateral. With 2nd lines of credit you only pay interest on the amount of money you spend. Credit lines, also called HELOC's are revolving accounts that can be used over and over for the specified draw period.
Purchase Money Second Mortgage
These are fixed rate second mortgages that are typically combined with a first mortgage up to 100% combined loan to value. First Time Home-buyers OK Credit Rating: Fair Good or Excellent. Key Qualifiers: Down Payment, assets, property value, credit score, and stated income OK.
Refinance Second Mortgage
Fixed rate second mortgages up to 125% combined loan to value. First Time Home-buyers OK Credit Rating: Fair Good or Excellent. Key Qualifiers: CLTV, property value, credit score, and stated income OK.
Stated Income Home Equity Loans
These fixed interest home equity loans offer a streamlined loan process with reduced documentation requirements for income. Choose from 80, 90 and 100% combined loan to value. Credit Rating: Good or Excellent. Key qualifiers: property value, credit score and stated income OK. No income documentation required for self-employed borrowers meeting the minimum fico score requirements.
No Income - No Asset Home Equity Loan
Fixed rate second mortgages up to 80, 90 and 100% combined loan to value. Credit Rating: Excellent. Key qualifiers: property value, credit score, and stated income OK. No income documentation required and no documentation proving liquid assets are required per underwriting guidelines.

Nationwide Mortgage Loans Offers a Convertible Equity Line of Credit with Refinance Options for Fixed Rate Second Mortgages - Check out the convertible home equity line of credit that provides borrowers options for turning variable interest credit into a fixed rate second mortgage loan. This unique home equity program enables homeowners to convert portions of their adjustable rate line of credit into a permanent fixed rate home equity loan. Another key feature is that this 2nd mortgage allows you to keep the unused portion of the home equity line open for the remainder of the draw period.

When Is The Best Time For A Home Equity Loan? - Americans have been tapping their equity from their homes for decades by taking out home equity loans, equity lines of credit or refinancing their 1st mortgage. Home financing has changed with 60% of homes purchased today include a home equity loan or credit line in the sales transaction. 2nd mortgage loans can be efficient tools for financing home improvements and consolidating credit card debt. Equity lines of credit can increase cash flow while providing flexibility for investing.

Benefits and Risks of the 125% Home Equity Loan - Lynda Nelms discusses many significant benefits of the high LTV home equity loan that has become very popular in recent months. Mortgage Lenders across the country are reporting an increased volume for home equity loan transactions. Lynda examines these "no equity" loans that allow you to borrow more than your home is worth. Consider the pros and cons of these popular second mortgages.


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Attention Self-Employed: Ask one of our loan officers about our "No Income Verified Home Equity Loans."

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5 Top Reasons for Taking Out an Equity Loan in 2013

  1. Money for House Repairs
  2. Cash for Consolidating Bills
  3. Tax Deductions on Cash
  4. Investing in a 2nd Home
  5. Financing Education

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