Popular Cash Out Loans for Homeowners

In most cases, owning real estate instantly extends new opportunities for people to gain access to cheap money with low interest cash out mortgage loans.

Here are three popular loan programs in which borrowers get money are:

  1. Traditional refinance loan for cash out
  2. Home equity line of credit (variable rate with open-end amount)
  3. Second mortgage (fixed rate with lump-sum)

Homeowners are among the luckiest people in our nation for many reasons. Having a place to truly call your own is important, and allows you to seek refuge in your home and know that it really is yours. Of course, that home ownership comes with plenty of responsibilities but they're worth it in the long run. Additionally, those who own their own homes will also have opportunities to get faster, easier access to cash if they find that they need it. While going in debt with another loan isn't always what people would like to do, the reality is that sometimes you just have to do so.

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Whether it's an emergency bill, some home improvements, or even deciding to consolidate your debt in one easier to manage payment; taking out certain loans can help you in a pinch. There are many different options available, but taking a closer look at some of the most popular loans for homeowners is worth doing and could help you narrow down your choices.

With that in mind, here are three of the most popular loan options for homeowners who are in need of quick cash.

  • Mortgage Refinance With Cash Back Refinancing a mortgage allows you to take advantage of lower interest rates and reduce your payments, and it's worth looking into from time to time. However, a mortgage refinance with cash back allows you to take out a refinanced mortgage loan for more than you actually owe on your mortgage. That extra money can be spent however you like. In most instances, your monthly payments will remain close to the same the lower interest rates balance out the additional cash back. This isn't' always the case, so it's worth taking a close look at the terms and rates when you pursue this option.
  • Flexible Home Equity Credit Lines This is an option that was once ignored but that is gaining significant attention. It's much like a credit card except it uses your home equity as the basis for credit limit, and is thus much easier to qualify for and comes with better interest rates. You'll be granted approval and then can use the funds as needed, paying interest and fees based only on what you've used.
  • Fixed Rate Second Mortgage Loan A fixed rate second mortgage is just what it sounds like. These loans are based on your current home equity, and you should be able to borrow an amount based upon your equity amount. For example, if your home is worth 250,000 and you owe 200,000 on your mortgage, the odds are good that you could get a second mortgage for that 50,000 dollar difference. Again, the specifics will depend upon numerous factors.

Rates and program guidelines for cash out loans are subject to change without notice, so check with your lender, bank or loan officer for updated eligibility and program standards.

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