Mortgage Calculators

Simple Mortgage Loan Calculator
How much would your mortgage loan payment be, and how much interest will you
end up paying?

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator
This Mortgage Refinance calculator can assist you in analyzing the benefits of refinancing. This will help you calculate the monthly payment while displaying the net interest savings. It will also calculate how many months it will take to get a return on investments for the mortgage loan costs.

Loan Comparison Calculator
This calculator will help you to compare the total mortgage interest charges of 4 types of loans.

Debt Investment Calculator
This calculator will help you understand how much interest you can save by eliminating debt.

Loan Payment Calculator with Amortization Schedule V2
How much will my monthly loan payment be at various compounding intervals?

Mortgage Term Comparison Calculator
Which home mortgage term is best for your situation? Compare the terms for home purchase, refinance home equity and second mortgage loans.

Renter Mortgage Affordability Calculator V2
Figure out how much you could afford monthly when considering buying a home. Formula is based on how much you currently pay out in rent each month.

Mortgage Tax-Savings Calculator
Find out what your tax savings will be for a first or second mortgage loan.

ARM vs Fixed Rate Mortgage Calculator
How does a fixed rate 1st or 2nd mortgage compare to an adjustable rate mortgage or home equity line of credit?

Interest Only Vs. Principal & Interest Payment Calculator
How can I compare a principal and interest mortgage payment with an interest-only mortgage payment?

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator
This calculator will show you how much you will save if you make 1/2 of your mortgage payment every 2 weeks instead of making a full mortgage payment 1 time a month.

Monthly Deposit Savings Calculator w/Compounding Comparison
What is the future value of my monthly savings deposits at various compounding intervals?

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Loan Comparison Calculator
This calculator will help you to compare the total mortgage interest charges of 4 types of loans.

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