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Nationwide Mortgage Loans announced additional home loan relief initiatives including mortgage loan modification options, lender loan workouts and proven foreclosure prevention strategies for homeowners seeking payment relief.  The recent federal mortgage bailout created new financial incentives for mortgage lenders to negotiate more affordable terms for distressed borrowers who had a hardship like loss of income, an adjustable rate interest or a decline in property value and home equity.  Our lending experts will help you understand whether a refinance or loan modification is best for your situation.

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Nationwide lenders continue to extend renegotiated loan terms that help homeowners avoid foreclosure with revised fixed rate note modifications that provide the much needed payment relief from banks like Wells Fargo, B of A, Countrywide  Home Loans, WAMU, Chase, Citi Mortgage, Suntrust US Bank and most other banking institutions that service mortgages in all 50 states.  

If a low rate mortgage is unable to be restructured between you and your Lender, we recommend working with loss mitigation law firms that can document experience modifying home loans for borrowers with success.  According to former Ditech executive, Jeff Morris, “There has never been a better opportunity for borrowers to leverage lenders into an affordable loan modification agreement, even time for borrowers that are delinquent on their home loan.” Let Nationwide help you renegotiate mortgage terms that meet your budget today while enabling you to pay off your mortgage in  a reasonable time frame.  


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