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3 High Risk Mortgage Loans in High Demand in 2013


We get many emails from consumers seeking guidance in how to qualify for a handful of high risk mortgages that seem to have obstacles around them. I list 3 common questions below for mortgage loans that appear to be in high demand this year. The only problem is that all three of the home loans is not regarded highly with most conventional prime lenders in 2013.

  1. How do I get approved with bad credit mortgage lenders?  We see thousands of borrowers that need a mortgage but happen to have credit scores below the threshold that today’s conventional lenders are seeking. With that being said, many people with low fico scores are migrating towards government loans, because they have more flexible guidelines with respect to credit. FHA still accepts borrowers with credit scores as low as 500 and VA still has no minimum credit scores in their guidelines for buying or refinancing. That doesn’t mean that government lenders are looking to approve people with poor credit, but underwriters can and do make exceptions when borrowers have compensating factors.
  2. Can I get a home loan with no down payment?  Yes 100% home loans that require zero down-payment are available to people who meet the criteria of USDA and VA mortgage programs. The USDA is a loan reserved primarily for people that are buying or refinancing in a rural region of the country. The VA mortgage is a program designed for military borrowers and retired veterans. Both loan programs require nothing down and the interest rates are competitive.
  3. Do stated Income mortgage loans exist? Yes and No. Hard money and subprime lenders still offer “stated income loans.” In wake of the recent housing crisis, conventional and government lenders state that they do not allow stated or no income documentation loans. They require full documentation with their purchase and refinance programs. However, the “streamline” program which is endorsed by FHA and VA does not require pay-stubs, W2’s or verification of income from the borrower’s employer. They do in fact do a verification of employment in an effort to verify that the borrower still has a job.  So in a sense, the government programs still allow stated income mortgages to borrowers that already have an existing mortgage with either FHA or VA. No cash out is allowed with the streamline either.

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