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Refinancing Second Mortgage Loans


If you took out an equity line or second mortgage in the last five years, we recommend you refinance it while rates are so low.   Home equity loans and HELOCs were pretty easy to get  a few years ago, but with the credit crunch and sub-prime mortgage melt-down, 2nd mortgages have become tough to obtain and even more difficult to refinance unless you have enough equity to refinance it into your first mortgage.

A second mortgage provides you the ability to eliminate your variable rate 2nd mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage with more stable terms. In most cases, refinancing adjustable rate loans and HELOC’s will save you thousands of dollars a year in interest by converting the compounded interest to a simple interest loan.  If you are considering mortgage refinancing and want to get cash out with a FHA loan that lets you to borrow up to 95% of LTV.  Take advantage record low rates and refinance your second mortgage and enjoy the financial benefits.

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