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FHA Loans with Cash Out Refinancing


Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers affordable FHA mortgage loans with opportunities for homeowners to qualify for cash out refinance that enable borrowers to pay for home improvements or to consolidate high rate credit card debt.

Watch Mortgage Loan Video with Bryan Dornan Examining FHA Cash Out Opportunities in 2009

We suggest borrowers take advantage of these once in a lifetime FHA mortgage rates that have reached record levels. Now borrowers can get access to money with 95% FHA refinance loans. Ask your loan officer to lock you into a thirty-year fixed mortgage loan that features interest rates below 5%. 

Don’t be surprised if your FHA home loan takes longer in process than previous refinancing did. FHA refinance loans continue to dominate the home refinancing spectrum, because FHA insures these mortgage loans and helps minimize the loss mortgage companies could have if the borrowers foreclosed. Most lending companies are reporting that FHA underwriters are more critical than usual when evaluating your credit and expect the appraisal review process to take a few extra days.

If you were recently turned down from another lender or mortgage broker qualify, consider Hope for Homeowners or a mortgage loan modification that extends loan relief and rate reductions to borrowers with bad credit and/or no equity.

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