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Mortgage Financing with a FHA Home Loan


FHA home financing continues to be the most popular first time home buyer loan, but now FHA has become the loan of choice for experienced borrowers buying new homes as well as homeowners seeking FHA home refinancing.  Most new home buyers like the fact that FHA down-payment requires only 3.5% of the sales price.

FHA continues to approve seller concessions up to 6% of your home purchase price.   First-time home buyers can get a tax credit up to $7500! “First-time home buyer loans” actually refer to any borrower who hasn’t owned a house in the last three years.   Need a more affordable mortgage payment?  FHA refinance loans may be the only opportunity for borrowers with bad credit scores to finance or refinance into a low rate mortgage loan.  Ask a loan officer about FHA mortgage rates and FHA streamline loans if you currently have a FHA mortgage on your primary residence property and have not been late on that mortgage in the last 12 months.  FHA offers responsible fixed rate mortgages with no pre-payment penalties and limited lender fees. 

Last year, Congress increased 2008 FHA home loan limits to $729,750.  This year, HUD called for 2009 FHA loan limits to be reduced to $625,000 in high cost areas nationally. Even though HUD reduced the loan limits slightly in 2009, most real estate evaluators believe that the revised mortgage limits will still help millions of homeowners refinance their home with record low interest rates below 5% on thirty year home mortgages.  FHA mortgage loans ensure borrowers they have an affordable loan that is insured by the U.S. government.


Nationwide Mortgage – Mortgage Loan News Reported by NBC News
NBC Nightly News discusses the effect of credit crisis on mortgage rates for FHA home loan and conventional mortgages that help borrowers finance a new home.



A Sr. HUD official recently defended the performance of the FHA at a congressional hearing looking into questions raised in a magazine article about mortgage originators.  A November published Business Week article said that the Federal Housing Administration allowed the market for FHA-insured mortgages to be infiltrated by abusive mortgage brokers and loan originators from the subprime mortgage market.  The deputy assistant secretary of HUD Phillip Murray said that these types of articles “misrepresent a well-respected federal program that has provided untold benefits to millions of Americans.”  Murray criticized the shallow stories that parallel and compare FHA-insured mortgage practices to those seen in the subprime market. “FHA mortgages are not high-cost loans nor high-risk for homeowners,” he said. 

Most people understand that FHA home loans have regained their popularity, with first time homebuyers and subprime borrowers, but most Americans do not realize that FHA is offering prime rate loans up to 97.75% of your home value or sales price with fixed rates below 5%.  HUD still offers FHA loans with cash out refinancing to 95% but HUD now requires two URAR appraisals from FHA-approved appraisers.  Take advantage solid government home financing loans that promote homeownership and responsible fixed rate refinancing.  FHA guidelines could change at any time and this economy; waiting could cost you thousands of dollars.

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