Bad Credit Home Equity Loan

100% Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

We can introduce you to mortgage bankers that offer alternative financing with home equity for borrowers with poor credit seeking bill consolidation loans and payment reduction from lower fixed interest rates. If you have had problems in the past with your credit, but want a home equity loan, then you have come to the right place. We offer alternative financing with home equity loans for borrowers with bad credit seeking debt consolidation and payment reduction from lower fixed interest rates. BD Nationwide provides great home equity programs for people with low credit scores and past bankruptcies. Consolidating your credit cards with a home equity loan can significantly improve your Fico credit scores with the Trans Union, Equifax and Experian credit bureaus.

Bad Credit Equity Loan

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  • Late Mortgage Payments - OK
  • Past Bankruptcy - OK
  • Charge-offs & Collections - OK
  • Late Credit Card Payments - OK
  • Consumer Credit Counseling - OK
  • Past Foreclosure or Short Sale - OK

Learn more about the expanded guidelines for home equity loan credit. Talk to a representative today about the pros and cons of Taking out a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit Scores.

What type of 2nd loan is best for me? Equity Line? or Home Equity Loan Credit?
As a homeowner you have more financing options than you've ever had, so it's imperative that you choose the right home equity loan for reducing your monthly expenses. Find a home equity loan that offers the lowest possible interest rate, while offering the best long-term benefits for your situation. Many people are lured by the low payments of home equity loan credit, because they only require interest only payments. The only problem with the line of credit is that has revolving credit, and if you only pay interest only payments, then you are really not paying off your credit card debt. If you are consolidating debt, choose an equity loan with a fixed interest rate, because not only is the rate and payment fixed, but each month you are paying off principal and interest. We are excited about new opportunities for homeowners seeking a bad credit home equity loan. Get more info now.

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Home Equity Loan Credit Benefits

  • Lower Payments Save You Money
  • Cash Out for Credit Card Consolidation
  • Cash Out for House Improvements and Repairs
  • Flexible Equity Lines of Credit
  • Eliminate credit card debt with a Low interest Loan
  • Competitive rates on home equity credit loans
  • No Mortgage Insurance Required with Bad Credit Loans

Home Equity Loans for People with Low Credit Scores

What are my home equity loan options if we have bad credit?
If you have bad credit but have some equity in your home, there are some great loan options available for you. BD Nationwide Mortgage offers bad credit home equity loans up to 100% cltv of your home's appraised value. Credit score, mortgage history and debt to income ratio will also be factors in qualifying for an equity loan with bad credit.

Bad Credit Loan Highlights

  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • 1st-time Homeowners OK
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • Loans up from $25,000 to $500,000
  • No Cash Reserves
  • Equity Loans for People with Poor Credit Scores
  • Past Chapter 7 or 13 Allowed
  • No Application Fee

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Home Equity Lending Warnings

Consider carefully before refinancing your home or taking out a second mortgage. Although these loans allow you to take tax deductions that you could not take with other types of loans, they can reduce the equity you have built up in your house. If unfortunate circumstances arose & you aren't able to make your mortgage payments, you could lose your house. Not all lenders will offer a bad credit home equity loan product. Check with lending companies in regards to their minimum fico score and equity requirements on their current home equity programs.

Home equity loans can either be a revolving line of credit or a one-time, closed-end loan. Revolving lines of credit offer flexibility but the interest rate is variable, and your payments can increase significantly. With a fixed rate second mortgage or closed-end loan, you receive a lump sum.

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Home Equity Rates

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Find out current rates for Fixed 2nd mortgages & rates for the variable home equity lines of credit.

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Home Loan Terms

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Also known as ARM.  This mortgage has a variable rate that is not fixed. The interest rate adjusts periodically based on the index it is associated with.

Fixed Rate Mortgage
This mortgage has a fixed interest rate that never changes. The term and payment are fixed as well.
Refinancing for Cash Back
Check out our refinance loan transactions that allow extra money the borrower get back with the new loan. Most Lenders allow cash back in refinancing for home improvement, debt consolidation or to pay for expenses like cars or education.
Home Equity Loan
This 2nd lien allows you to borrow equity in your home. Homeowners like to get home equity mortgages when they already have an existing mortgage with great terms. First time homebuyers like to finance home improvements or to pay off debt. The home equity interest you pay on the 2nd mortgage is tax-deductible in most cases.

If you have low fico scores ask a representative about our bad credit home equity loan programs today.

A written assessment of the value of a property estimated by the appraiser. 3 common appraisals are Full URAR, Drive-by-2055 & AVM's.
Jumbo Mortgage
This is an unconventional loan that is greater than $415,000. The limits are set by the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Conventional Mortgage
Any conforming mortgage loan that is not guaranteed by government agencies like FHA, VA, or HUD.

Loans for Bad Credit
With more and more consumers suffering from low credit scores, the demand for bad credit equity loans has risen dramatically. We extend several opportunities for homeowners to consolidate revolving debts and reduce variable interest rates.

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