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San Diego mortgage bankers announced low rate incentives for San Diego home loans originated in 2010. This San Diego lender offered fixed rates and higher FHA mortgage loans up to $697,500 for California home refinance. We provide improved fixed mortgage rates for FHA, VA and Fannie Mae refinance products. We continue to provide home equity rates for refinancing, second mortgage loans and lines of credit for local residents with good and bad credit. Residents from National City to Oceanside are invited to apply for improved terms with premium mortgage rates offered for all qualified homeowners in San Diego. With the economy in southern California, performing erratically, 2010 may be the year best remembered for last time homeowners were able to lock into low fixed rate terms.

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Homeowners from Chula Vista to La Jolla can combine 1st and 2nd mortgages & start saving every month with a lower fixed rate payment.

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Unfortunately the 2007 credit crunch has taken its toll on many San Diego Homeowners. Foreclosures have broken records each month and the mounting debts for credit cards are rising rapidly as well. According to Mick Zentic of Windsor Capital, loan payment defaults are rising primarily because many California borrowers are experiencing a mortgage payment hike as the adjustable rate loans are starting to recast." Sub-prime and California jumbo loan programs are tough to find and when consumers do qualify the mortgage rates have been higher. Most stated income loan programs have gone away and San Diego County has one of the highest percentages of self-employed homeowners in the state, so it makes refinancing even tougher. The glimmer of hope is starting to burn brighter as new programs are beginning to be released as the Fed has finally begun to lower key interest rates.

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San Diego Homes Sales Bump and Fall, but Interest Rates Helping
By Nick Rian

San Diego home prices almost sitting stagnant
And, home sales have turned down, even though mortgage rates have started to fall.

California Association of Realtors reported that the average sales price inched up from $605,600 at the end of the first quarter to a year high at $622,380. Third quarter prices started to dwindle down almost $25,000 to an August average sales price of $598,580.

"It is not the real estate implosion some pundits are touting; rather, it seems we are returning to a common sense market," says realtor Mike Murphy."The prior market where sellers could sell to the highest frantic bidder is gone. Pricing is now determined by the market, and what a willing and able buyer is willing to pay. That buyer, in turn, may compete with other buyers to determine an equitable sales price."

The year started slowly with sales more than 25% less than the previous month in 2005. Sales then skyrocketed in March, almost 555 higher than February. April showed a sales deficit, then May and June tried to push upward, but July crashed with an 18.4% shortage from the month before.

"The San Diego real estate market seems to have been in a stall for the last couple of quarters," says realtor Roberta Murphy. "Many buyers have been sitting on the sidelines, while sellers begin to realize that the top of the market appears to have occurred some months back. Both sides of the equation are now realizing that the market has shifted to one that favors buyers and that rewards sellers who understand market conditions and price their property accordingly."

Most economists predict home prices to continue to drop during 2006 and into 2007. But, a thriving economy and low unemployment might offset any financial hardship caused by the rising interest rate.

Home Sales and Mortgage Rate Info for San Diego Cities


Oceanside Mortgage Rate Update
Home values for coastal San Diego cities like Oceanside, Escondido, Vista, and San Marcos have begun to decline slightly in 2007. Oceanside and Fallbrook are reporting that homes are taking 45- 60 days longer to sell than previous years.

Carlsbad Home Equity Rates
Beach cities like Carlsbad have not experienced too much of a home value reduction at this point, but if you have variable interest rates on your mortgage you do not want to risk waiting for any longer. Refinance your equity loans now and get a fixed interest rate.
Encinitas, Leucadia & Cardiff Home Mortgage Equity Rates
Unfortunately property values in North County are flat, but compared to the rest of the county where home sales prices are dropping, flat may not be so bad. Coastal towns West of the freeway, like Encinitas, Leucadia and Cardiff by the Sea are forecasted to see a rebound in home values for 2007 and 2008.
La Jolla Home Equity Rates
Home values in La Jolla and Del Mar have been pretty steady, but have reduced sales prices from 4-7% in some of the pockets in UTC and condos in La Jolla. Residents in Del Mar and Pacific Beach have reported deeper drops in property values than their neighboring town of La Jolla.


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