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Our Mission Viejo mortgage lenders offer current interest rates for FHA home loans, fixed rate refinancing, home equity, second mortgages, lines of credit, and jumbo mortgages for people living in South Orange County. Even though much of Orange County has been reporting declining property values in 2008, Mission Viejo has been able to hold on to peak high property values, as the demand to live in this city remains strong with strong evidence indicated with recent home sales. With the FHA home loan limit rising to $729,750 for high cost areas in South Orange County, many borrowers will finally have a solution to their adjustable rate mortgage that has become unaffordable.

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Residents living in San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo are neighboring towns that have also held property values at record highs even though much of California has reported lower home sales than the previous years. Borrowers can get cash out to 95% with FHA loans and 90% with most prime conforming refinance options. Our Orange County lenders provide discounted rates to qualified applicants for home refinancing.

The Housing of Urban Development raised the California mortgage maximum limits for 2008 and the loan changes can be seen below by county.

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Mission Viejo Housing Market Still Stagnant as Mortgage Rates Drop
By Nick Rian

Strong market conditions continue to surge through Mission Viejo.
Average homes prices in the Orange County community have hit almost 155 higher since the previous month. Average home prices showing at $621,500 during the month of August.

"Well, we finally got a break on the interest rate increases," says realtor Tracy Brandenburger. "However, most Sellers still feel that they should get at least close to what their neighbors did two years ago. Not realizing that with that price comes a much higher payment to the Buyer. When calculated out a $700,000 purchase two years ago is now to the Buyer well over $800,000."

Home sales have also increased as mortgage rates dropped. Sales have jumped more than 10% to roughly 1,000 units sold during August, compared to the same period last year. The rising prime interest rate has leveled off during the last three months, keeping the market in tune.

"We have plenty of inventory, giving Buyer's more to choose from," says realtor Ginger Bohland-Aliotta. "We are experiencing a less frenzied market than in recent years. Homes may sit on the market longer, but those that are priced right and are in good condition are selling. Now is not the time to "flip" properties. Focus on building equity and enjoy the tax benefits of home ownership."

Mission Viejo beats the Orange County average selling price by almost $30,000. Sales have overtaken the county average by more than 10%.

Option ARM Home Loan Advice for Purchase and Refinance

  • Principal & Interest (Fully Amortized Payment)
  • Interest Only Option
  • Negative Amortization Option
  • Debt & Loan Consolidation to 110% LTV
  • Jumbo Loan amounts to $4,500,000
  • Cash-Out Refinancing
  • 30-Year Fixed Rate
Mission Viejo Mortgage Rates
Payment Option Mortgage Loans are very popular financing options for Orange County homeowners, because it give you the ability to select the payment type that meets your needs that each month, and the negative amortization option keeps the payment affordable.

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Coastal properties in Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente, show a slight increase for property values in 2012. The time to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage for a fixed rate is now!

Home Equity and Mortgage Rate Info for Orange County Cities

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Property sales in the South OC are stagnant. Get approved for a HELOC or 2nd mortgage now will property values are still high.

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Coastal properties in Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel have dropped 5-10% across the region.


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