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Our San Diego mortgage lenders offer discounted Carlsbad home mortgage rates for first time home buyers, VA, FHA and traditional refinancing. We offer prime rates for North County San Diego home refinance, equity lines of credit and fixed rate refinancing. Homeowners living San Diego County have been blesses with million dollar property values. Our Carlsbad mortgage lenders offer discounted refinance rates to qualified applicants who meet FHA guidelines that offer increased loan amounts up to almost $700,000. Now thousands of California borrowers can refinance their 1st and 2nd mortgage together without being penalized for loan amounts that exceeded the conforming limits. Carlsbad Homeowners can get access to cash up to 95% when refinancing their existing home loan.

Carlsbad Mortgage Rates Starting at 3%

Many local residents in Carlsbad and Oceanside tapped their earned equity prior to property values declining. Now with home's beginning to appreciate again, homeowners in Northern San Diego are interested in cash out loans that help them achieve their financial goals.

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With conforming mortgage loans tightening refinancing guidelines so much, many San Diego homeowners have turned to FHA for a fixed rate refinance solutions because FHA lenders provide competitive low interest rates and very little equity is required. In 2012, HUD finally increased the California mortgage maximum limits for 2008 and the loan changes can be seen below by county.

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Carlsbad Home Sales Take Hit but Realtors Hope the Lower Mortgage Rates will Help Change the Market
By Nick Rian

Carlsbad, California is showing a hit from the rising prime interest rate.
Average home prices in the village dropped as interest rates climbed. The average sales price in Carlsbad fell from $811,173 in January to $733,594 in April.

"The Carlsbad, CA real estate market has been in a stall for the last couple of quarters," says realtor Mike Murphy. "Many buyers have been sitting on the sidelines, while sellers begin to realize that the top of the market appears to have occurred some months back. Smart sellers realize that they cannot chase the market, but instead should price their properties aggressively. When properties are priced to the market, they will sell. Both sides of the equation are now realizing that the market has shifted to one that favors buyers and that rewards sellers who understand market conditions and price their property accordingly."

Home prices have rebounded up to $898,810 in June and back down to $764,820 in July.

"The prior market where sellers could sell to the highest frantic bidder is long gone," says realtor Roberta Murphy. "Pricing is now determined by the market, and what a willing and able buyer is willing to pay. That buyer, in turn, may compete with other buyers to determine an equitable sales price."

Home sales climbed steadily during the first quarter, from 43 units sold in January to 9 sold in March. But as the interest rate leveled off at 3.25%, the number of homes sold inched downward to 74 units sold in July.

Home Equity and Mortgage Rate Info for North San Diego County

Oceanside Mortgage Rate Update
Home values for coastal San Diego cities like Oceanside, Escondido, Vista, and San Marcos have begun to decline slightly in 2007. Oceanside and Fallbrook are reporting that houses are taking 45- 60 days longer to sell than previous years.

Encinitas, Leucadia & Cardiff Home Mortgage Equity Rates
Unfortunately property values in North County are flat, but compared to the rest of the county where home sales prices are dropping flat may not be so bad. Coastal towns West of the freeway, like Encinitas, Leucadia and Cardiff by the Sea are forecasted to see a rebound in home values for 2007 and 2008.


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